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Don't Give up! Keep working, it's not in vain, here's some proof!

Although I was disappointed that we didn't get any all out wins in the primary, and that my state of Oklahoma showed just how powerful the media influence is over the minds of the people, I have seen real evidence that our work spreading the message of liberty is paying off.

In Oklahoma Ron Paul received 10% of the vote, but in my small rural county he received 19%. This is neo-con territory, the main past time in this rural area is watching FoxNews. There were only 11 identified Ron Paul supporters in our county, 5 given to me by the campaign (one of which was me), and I found another 6. In the end Ron Paul got 201 votes, 19% of the vote, double that of the state percentage.

Facebook was a big help in getting the word out, it is the main stream media of Ron Paul, in fact I just got PM'ed today by someone in my county who said:

"Just so u know, my decision to vote for ron Paul was because of u, all the stuff u post. I read it all and its very educational. "

I don't know this person very well at all. This person never clicked "like" and never commented. But the posts and the debates worked to change this person's mind. They even asked if our families could get together so they could learn how to teach their kids better about the principles of liberty. I felt a little overwhelmed that someone would think to ask me for advice like that!

The other thing we (my wife, kids and I) did was put out signs, talked at local meetings, wrote a letter to the editor, and had super brochures inserted into the edition of the local paper that came out at the time of the election.

I would have liked to see a better result, and I know there is more that I would do if I did it all over again. But over all I would say that we are winning, slowly but surely.

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just self bumping for the day

just self bumping for the day people to promote what I think is a positive story!