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Alaska Dispatch: How did Ron Paul lose Alaska?

Good article pointing out some of the shenanigans that were happening in AK on election night:


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I'm am just so PO'd about this crap....

The Grand Old Poop Party is just that...full of it!

Truth goes marching on. Don't

Truth goes marching on.
Don't forget it.

there are more people killed by the State on less evidence than

the prima facie evidence available to convict them of election/vote/voter fraud.

It's been happening EVERYWHERE, anytime the name "Ronald Ernest Paul" is on the ballot!

At this point, it would be damn near correct to assume that all election night results are by default, FRAUDULENT, and the GOP is guilty of manipulation, until proven otherwise.

When it quacks like one, walks like one, it's a MF'ng FRAUD! Period!

Can't believe the official campaign isn't positing it at all and are simply "scratching their heads" as to why thousands attending rallies don't translate into votes?

I hope they were just saying that to let the GOP RINO bastards think they're winning so we can game that at their own game for a WIN!


Ron Paul aides ponder ‘frustrating’ race

By JAMES HOHMANN | 3/7/12 4:09 PM EST Updated: 3/8/12 6:19 AM EST

BOISE, Idaho — Ron Paul’s top strategists are confused and frustrated that the wild enthusiasm they see at their campaign rallies and events is not translating into votes.

Thousands turned out to see the Texas congressman at events in Alaska, Idaho and North Dakota in the days before Super Tuesday... gap between dreams and reality came to a head during a Wednesday morning conference call for senior staff when the discussion turned to why the campaign keeps underperforming its own forecasts.

“They count the numbers and then they count the votes,” said Doug Wead, a Paul senior adviser who was on the call. “Did they get overconfident? … We’re digesting that.”

Despite his lack of success, Paul is unlikely to get out of the race anytime soon. He often says he is leading a “movement” and his campaign is concentrated on amassing delegates rather than winning the nomination, though the two are not mutually exclusive...


Well my beloved r3VOLutionaries, I suppose we should feel confident that WITHOUT GOP party shenanigans, Dr. Paul WILL CLEARLY be leading in delegates as well as beauty contest.

Though, the continuing pattern of crime and deceit does not help us, unless the official campaign decides to pursue it.

On the practical side, however, I 'get' that lawsuits would be costly affairs and would yield very little in the aggregate as they take months to sort out and we only have 5 & 8 months before this is all done, which is exactly why these things continue to happen, because by the time people catch on or sort it out, it's too late. But at this point, not much we can do, other than if they specifically mess with delegate process as WA GOP Chair Soltelo tried to do and the RP2012 campaign officially sent out a letter of warning from their lawyer on retainer. So we know WHEN it counts, the campaign will pursue legal remedies.

But, it's also clear that we ARE taking over the party from within and more than likely, IF the internal reporting and anecdotal r3VOL testimonial hold true, then we ARE leading in actual delegate count possibly just behind Romney.

But who knows... It's sickening but perhaps there's a benefit to letting the RINOs delude that they're leading.

Hey, we caused a raucus in 2008 with far less info and organization, think how much more driven we are in 2012.

I do NOT blame the Youth.

The SOLE Culprit lies with the GOP RINO party heads. If they don't get their shiite together, no one's gonna elect them for dog walker (do they vote on those? lol) when it's all said and done. It'd be great if the respective DA or AG in each state or county can take them down, then there's the whole GOP 'private party' internal matter, etc.

Regardless, hope Alaska r3VOL sticks it through, and get to have the last say by TAKING reigns over during the entire delegate process.

Go get'em!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

More reason to punish

The republican party.

Its clear to me, that RP will not be allowed to win the republican nomination. I hope we disrupt the convention, and then run 3rd party.

I'm so grateful for this article

This election season has been difficult at best. We all work so hard and we're robbed at every turn. Our money, time and effort can all be regenerated. But what these cowards are after is our best chance for liberty!

The "Machine" is becoming exposed for what it is - and high time, too! Let's keep the pressure on these thieves who wrap themselves in power and secrecy. Let's rip away those layers with emails and phone calls and bring these traitors to justice!

These crimes must not go unavenged. Push back, Patriots! Do whatever it takes and do it now!

Grambo2, Anchorage AK
"Freedom is never free!"

get active

in your local community.

That is the next step of the revolution and the only way to win.


such bs and read the comment that is posted under the article.

Randy Ruedrich (AK GOP chairman) is a complete a*hole!

I lived in Alaska for 10 years before moving to Santa Barbara, CA in 2005. And I know for a fact that Randy Ruedrich is a complete a*hole. He has FIXED elections on several occasions. In fact, the Alaska Dispatch was right to say that even Sarah Palin (whom I have very little respect for) fought Ruedrich really hard when both her and Ruedrich were oil and gas commissioners under Frank Murkowski (governor before Palin). This is before Sarah became governor in 2006. Sarah had demanded in a written letter that Ruedrich step down as commissioner as he was extremely corrupt. But it went no where, and Sarah instead stepped down and resigned from the Murkowski administration as commissioner. This is how bad things are in Alaska.

I was there when we tried to

I was there when we tried to oust him as the State Convention the last presidencial election. The old blue haired republican guard voted to retain while we new Ron Paul delegated tried to vote him out. As usual we were a few votes short. It was wild, screaming yelling. Anyway we lost and Randy retained the crown of head *ss hole. I didn't know it was an official title?


What is the process to get this guy removed from his post?

In Maine, I think there was a call for censure of Charlie Webster. These are the battles we also need to be fighting.

Didn't surprise me.

After everything we have seen this election, it really doesn't. There was a single comment at the bottom that was a paul supporter that lost his delegate slot. He had a very good explanation and first hand account of what happened.

For freedom, liberty, and peace,

Jonny Walker

Doesn't surprise me..

Wonder how Mitt's Mormon God thinks of cheating himself into power...

I am both a Mormon and

I am both a Mormon and Ron Paul supporter. God has nothing to do with Romney. Your lack of knowledge and understanding of the LDS religion is evident.

It doesn't matter what my faith is or what Mitt's faith is...

I'm saying I wonder what his God thinks of him cheating himself into power?? I don't think Mitt is a good person and all he cares about is his money, he could care less about helping this country. So don't try and tell me i don't know about LDS because frankly, that does not matter...Mitt pays people off, he wins. CHEATER.

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this report is shocking, to say the least!

Agreed. What is going on,

Agreed. What is going on, sucks. Who in hell just "crowned" Romney? Something is not right. Many places. We just did not get powerful enough in the past 4 years..sigh.