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Kony 2012 (Concerning)

I just want to say that this Kony 2012 gimmick is working. I just stumbled across ANOTHER Youtuber talking about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPDJ6WlXzxU&feature=g-u-u&con... I am leaving comments trying to talk sense into these people.

Sending troops into Africa is obviously their next plan. I have been pointing out that Kony fits the profile of a CIA asset. Just like Osama, Hussein, Gadaffi and Awlaki were all CIA assets. All I have is speculation but I KNOW sending troops is NOT the answer. Please help me if you see videos similar to these.

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+1. Yes. Thank you for this post. Also read...

... My comments on a possible human compassion SCAM:


Let us not be fooled.

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Only our taste can recognize wine, eventually.

Vinegar only needs to trick our eyes.

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