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Understanding the Complacent mentality, and winning it over!

Hello DP :)

Boy, what a week it has been! We've all watched the TV channels this week and seen the Edison Research conglomerate do their work on fixing the vote, but I will say this.

Have Patience!!

Some of us might be angry at the campaign missing this opportunity or that, but the one thing they have done is to train and support our Delegates! With these Delegates we WILL make it to the convention, and before that even happens we have Texas and California to work through as well! I'm not one to hold out hope for this state of that state "saving the day", ... and quite frankly I don't think it's their responsibility to do that. Rather, I think it's OUR job to continue changing the hearts of our neighbors, and this post is going to try and share how I'm working to do that.

YES! I am refering to those irresponsible carefree types that we're all starting to develop an unfortunate loathing for.

"WHY CAN'T THEY JUST UNDERSTAND!?" - Sound familiar?
Ohhhh man, how I've wanted to just start handing out this pamplet or that one, organize this event or another one next week; but in the end I realize that I'm only going to get a few in attendance, and even those few that I get will probably be rediculed for rocking the boat.
SO! ... What do we do!? Right?

At this point I want to share a part of something with all of you on the D.P. that I started to develop about 4 years ago. It's a model that in my mind reflects a part of the roles that we play in our daily lives to build and achieve cultural significance together, as a civilization.

Like I said though, this is only part of it.

People are HAPPY being people. They are happy doing their job, standing up for very little, solving as few problems as they can, and they generally have a distaste for foo-fooey philosophical notions.
This is the laymen, and he or she is happy building a family, making a living, or just enjoying a hobby.
Something else to consider. This population block takes up about 80% of the population, and we know them ALL too well.

What is it then motivates this particular crowd?

All-stars, spokesmen, celebrities, religious leaders and the like. Our laymen neighbors all have someone that they respect for various aspects of their lives, and if WE can find out who those icons are then we can do something about it!

*cough* - Campaign staff, Hello? are you there?

This is where we can REALLY use the help of the RP2012 campaign. If we can organize on a State basis and document, prioritize, and reach out to these public "Champions", as I like to call them, then we will begin to see the flood gates open... and I do mean that, FLOODGATES! Your average Joe loves to be part of a community, and it's very rare that you'll see a champion represent the hopes and ambitions of just a few people; they usually have hundreds if not thousands!

Do with this advice what you will... send me a message if you want, but NEVER let fear win, and ALWAYS cast doubt from your hearts. We CAN win this race, and we WILL fight for what is right!