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In it to the End

Guys, I know things have not been going according to plan. We have failed to notch up a win and have had to grasp at straws for motivation.

This reminds me of almost anything worth doing in life. Doing well in an exam, getting a girl, winning a big match, learning the guitar.

You start out optimistically.

You encounter hurdles.

Hurdles get so bad that you feel that it is just better to give up and use your time for something else.

This is the point we are at and this point is a fork, it leads two ways.

1)Descent into apathy, perpetual sadness. A sense of regret and failure.

2)Driving on despite everything, keeping your head high, calming yourself in moments of anger and doing the right thing as you see it, since you can do no more.

It is strange, almost miraculous, how when you do the latter, however bad a situation you are in, things seem brighter. It is in this way that people from a position of weakness almost to the extent of fading away are renewed and strengthened.

In every culture it exists, from a crisis, the resurrection of something great.

Born-again experiences, "The Secret", "The Alchemist", Gurdjieff all are closely related to man's ability to conquer all obstacles.

We must choose the second path, however hard it seems and however much we suffer. That suffering in the resurrection will be made beautiful and pure.

Then maybe in the future when people look at us, they will get the same feeling as we get when we see the good doctor all of 76 climbs up on stage to continue what he has been doing for 30 years. Teaching the truth.

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to the end of the line

Like my signature says at the bottom line of my every comment on the DP "it's the End of the Line for Ron Paul and his supporters"

It's been my signature since before the Ames Straw Poll and it will be my signature through the GOP convention in Tampa. I put it there for Dr Paul and all of us, his supporters.

People like you inspire the

People like you inspire the rest of us man. Well done.

Take comfort that it is not just in the US but all over the world that people are realizing exactly what freedom entails. I have Ron Paul and his supporters to thank for bringing me out of my torpor.

Let me take this opportunity to say thanks :)

yeah, it's pretty simple, really

Of course we're in it to the end. Where else would we go?

Ron Paul all the way!

Besides, there's more to life than politics. You don't know what is coming next, and you won't until it happens. No matter what it is, the ideas we're spreading are the right ones, and it's the right thing to do to keep pushing them -- and RP2012 is the best way to do that.

More delegates... more minds... more donors... more votes. Always. Once the battle is DONE, we can rest.

Keep campaigning!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

The high tide

The world is moving in opposite directions. While waiting for interviews at a Business School, I talked to people about free markets and the role of government and soon I had a crowd around me hanging on to my every word.

There is a lot of interest in these ideas but it is coupled with fear because they have not yet gone mainstream.Most people hate to be opposed to the prevailing views of society.

It is important to break the tide of socialism if we want to create the kind of world we want to live in. If nothing else the Revolution must go mainstream through this election cycle. It must become fashionable to be a Ron Paul Republican.