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Great the RP has delegates, but really, what kind of f'd up system do we have?

I realize that the system has been rigged against him, so I'm fine with RP getting the good he deserves, but let's assume a perfect world where the popular vote reflects the vote of the people. What the hell are unbound delegates for? What is the purpose of voting?

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I'm more concerned about the Electoral College

like seriously.

The system isn't messed up,

The system isn't messed up, it was put into place as a safty measure. The delegate process was set up to assure the people that the nominee of the republican party would not win a beauty contest but rather win an election.

The process forces the people to get involved in their local politics so there is a chance for a check and balance.

The delegate process protects the people from vote fraud.

Sadly too many people here are too fucking lazy to get involved and stick it out or just don't take the time to learn the process.

That fucked up system is what gives us a chance.

See this post of mine for why the delegate system exists:


Unbound delegates are not obligated to vote for the popular candidate for the reasons described in above link. Above link also describes the reason why we don't simply go with just the popular vote.

Furthermore, an additional reason is that the founders were afraid that the majority would oppress the minority of the nation. That's why the US doesn't have a pure democracy, because in a pure democracy, the popular vote oppresses the minority vote.
It seems to me that by having a Republic, instead of a pure democracy, the founders gave more power to voters that are more involved with the political process and that are more knowledgeable about the issues. That gives a higher chance of the right leader to be chosen. And IF it goes wrong, the public still has the power to oust the president and the delegates, since the public has the power to vote for their delegates. So democracy is still in effect, but in a delayed fashion.