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Forty+ Years vs. 8 Months: An Open Letter to ALL DailyPaulers & r3VOL on Post-Super Tuesday

Forty Plus years is how long our Gray Champion has been fighting for what is right.

Five months, is how much time we have before Tampa.

Eight months, is how much time we have before November.

It boggles the mind

Sometimes one simply has to shake their heads in incredulity.

Not to say that duration in the movement or as a member of DP by itself means anything. Nor am I saying that I expect anyone from our generation would have the perseverance nor the patience of our Gray Champion born and characteristic traits forged during his early years living through the Great Depression.

That said, for over forty years Dr. Paul has traveled the path alone, out in the Evil Wilderness, with constant slings and arrows from sycophants for those of Disreputable Fortunes, from all Corners of Hades.

Yet with only FIVE months between now and Tampa, and EIGHT months between now and November general elections, upon a propagandistic narrative from the very MSM that you rail against constantly as nothing but lies, yet you still willfully believe them at face value when the meme is set forth that 'Ron Paul didn't win anything tonight!'

How can this be?

How is that MSM propagandistic narrative any different than the previous months since May of 2011 when he launched the campaign?

Such schizo reactionary acceptance to the MSM meme comes at a point where most of you all are fully aware of the campaign strategy of focusing on delegates, as also numerously debated and fleshed out here, already.

Yet, upon the horse race mentality bolstered in lead up to Super Tuesday, despite already knowing the fact that the beauty contests are solely designed to raise emotive excitement of the non-wonky political junkies in an American Idol dominated world, to make politics, a universally boring arena for mass consumption (yet paradoxically nevertheless elicit the most amount of emotional firestorm in any culture, as all understand the fate of one's rights are always at stake, or are led to believe it to be with each election), seem more exciting.

And some here are talking about quitting even though intellectually they clearly understand what is at stake this year: our very own survival.

We all (well hopefully most of us) 'get' that without Dr. Paul as the POTUS, chances of WWIII & NDAA policestate are a CERTAINTY.

But, because MSM made you FEEL bad and cry last night, you want to abandon the fight for your own right to survive and thrive in this world?

How is that even negotiable, when you know what is at stake?

My beloved r3VOL, in these moments that try your souls, please consider the long view of history: journey there may be a bit rough, but the Universe/Multiverse has a nagging tendency to lean toward Justice, eventually.

NO ONE said fighting off the Evil Ruling Class' 1000's of years worth of propaganda infrastructure that perpetually brainwashed the pliant citizenry, was gonna be easy, did you?

We're just getting started on cutting into these bastards; we're beginning the chokehold, working our way down to an arm bar, time to crack their jugular with the Doc as the POTUS.

And it's still only Round 1, with 8 months remaining till November.

FORTY plus years, is the duration that Dr. Paul has traveled the lonely highway savaged with political IED's to fight for what is right.

EIGHT months, from the beginning of the END of govt terrorists, apparatchiks, commissars and the sycophantic ne'er do-wells of the Wall St. & City of London banksters who have hijacked our Republic.

Eight months, between you and the beginning of the End of Fascist Corporatist Govt Tyranny as we know it.

That's what's standing between you and your survival, and freedoms (if you want to take it and exercise it without worrying about NDAA).

WITHOUT Dr. Paul as the POTUS, it's gonna be as if you've never voted in the first place regardless of whether it's the 3 RINOs or oBomBa, anyway.

But, you'll never know, nor will you even have a chance to find out, unless you enter the arena, and finish the fight, no?

40+yrs vs. 8 months is what is standing between you and the beginning of the end of tyranny.

Yes, it is worth repeating that much.

So what's it gonna be?

You ready to find out?

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will keep fighting, no matter what happens beyond Tampa anyway.

Ladies and gents, we're on a collision course with history, they maybe powerful, but if history has anything to teach us, as cliched as it maybe, it's always their crazed hubris that unwinds all their little empires full of their toy soldiers.

in the same manner in which how our society as a whole degenerated beyond the establishment of the Republic, don't think the Ruling Class aren't immune from it either.

Say a ruthless evil genius got to be that way because initially he was forged from the school of hard knocks. bad thing about good living is that rarely do your heirs go through similar experiences to have life teach them such skills. And, even if they have social engineers teaching them all the tricks, it's not same as learning them on your own. Worse, if they systematically design to perpetuate their system for generations. Eventually they'll come upon heirs so crazed, so arrogant, they'll forget a few core principles of staying evil, so to speak.

like, never over expose yourself. never piss off the 'peons' -- the French Revolutions should've taught them that lesson, and never destroy your pool of 'cattle' Hey, these NWO degenerates may view us as cattle, but what good is a diseased or dead cattle? Apparently lessons of their more elderly crazed tyrants have gone way over their heads!


but seriously, if when you have spoiled heirs, just as how they're gonna be infinitely weaker, unable to thrive because they lack the sheer raw drive that you had when you built up your business, why would it be any different for the Ruling Class, even if their business is to be in the Business of Evil.

Perhaps it's 'good news' then, that we only have to deal with like the Z-Team benchwarmers of Evil Incorporated, eh?


So I'd say let's not b(i)tch about it, let's destroy their more spoiled ne'er do wells, even though they may be less competently evil, when given the chance.o)

Freedom is our to TAKE, not 'ask for.' We TAKE it and DEMAND it, for good measure.

That spirit is the FIRE that was lit when I came upon a genteel country doc from Texas. And it's the warmest one that ever burned.o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Right! ITs now on US to push the cause of the good Dr. !

He cant educate everyone!

Start out with educating your neighbourhood.

We have these flyers for free available:

http://www.mediafire.com/?1wxwtdnlzulo5oy <- .pdf link

How about every Ron Paul supporter distributing them all over their neighbourhood for the win?
The mass media wont help us ever!
Its now on us to educate the masses!

wow those

are very effective breakdowns and visuals.

perhaps if I may, ever thought about laying out the same info, but on a "suicide menu?"

On one side the Doc, with all the list of "Rx"/cures for liberty.

on the other side are dark coffins full of toxins that will kill us all if any of the 'remedies' being proposed by the other RINOs including oBomba.

Speaking of which, I think the aspect that Dr. Paul's campaign should focus on more directly is tying not only RINOs but RINOs+Obama as being exactly the same. Run ads showing how ALL FOUR candidates' policies are essentially EXACTLY the same, despite FakeNews and MSDNC propaganda. That's the only way the GOP electorate can visibly see and drop the idea in their minds, sow the seeds of doubt that the 3 RINOs would do anything different than the current one.

Frankly, I know of NO POTUS in history who has benefited his corporatist benefactors/sugadaddies more than Obama.

Literally, he is the Maximum puppet of Wall St. in US history. Even Clinton was smart enough to have a bit of his own say. It's not accident that when he did begin to exercise a bit of his own autonomy, Lewinski 'suddenly happened.'

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul