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Doug Wead, Jesse Benton & Brian Doherty's Take on Super Tuesday [Video + Articles]

Brian Doherty, one of the few good guys at Reason Magazine, and the author of soon to released (May 15, 2012) semi-authorized biography of Dr. Paul, Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired on RT America to discuss his take on the direction of the Campaign, and what Super Tuesday really means in grand scheme of things:

Super Tuesday's role on the GOP race



Super Tuesday came and went, but despite the media hype it was a letdown to many. Mitt Romney received 415 delegates and came in first place while Rick Santorum came in second with 176 delegates. As for Ron Paul there were high hopes for a win, but the Texas congressman didn't win a single state. Paul insists, however, that he will continue on the road to the White House. Brian Doherty, a senior editor for Reason Magazine, joins us to analyze what's next for Ron Paul.


Now it is my personal contention that there are more people imprisoned and killed in America by the State on far more shoddy evidence than the prima facie evidence available to convict almost every caucus & primary contest we had, of election/vote/voter fraud.


It's been happening EVERYWHERE, any time the name "Ronald Ernest Paul" is on the ballot!

At this point, it would be damn near correct to assume that all election night results are by default, FRAUDULENT, and the GOP is guilty of manipulation, until proven otherwise.

When it quacks like one, walks like one, it's a MF'ng FRAUD! Period!

Can't believe the official campaign isn't positing it at all the ubiquitous occurrence of shenanigans, in all cacucuses and primaries, and are simply left "scratching their heads" as to why thousands attending rallies don't translate into votes?

I hope they were just saying that to let the GOP RINO bastards think they're winning so we can game that at their own game for a WIN!

Though realistically and technically, GOP primaries and caucuses are internal private party matter, even though I'm sure the case could be made that since primaries involve tax dollars it can fall under each state's AG or the local DA's jurisdiction.

That said, lawsuits are, in the aggregate, are pointless and unfruitful as they're costly and take more than 5 & 8 months (5 till Tampa, 8 till November general elections) to sort through. Especially when chances are we practically own the delegate process; we're gonna 'game' their own system, if the anecdotal reports hold true even though I have no illusions that GOP will do everything possible to make sure RP and r3VOL are disenfranchised, as just one recent OK r3VOL YouTube of the delegate process confirmed.

But as demonstrated in Washington when WA GOP Chair Sotelo tried to pull a fast one, the official campaign sent out a letter from their attorney on retainer warning them that they'll face legal liabilities, proving they will expand the funds for legal remedies as they're needed. So that clarified a few worries.

Still, I would like to see them clear the air on MSM a bit more aggressively. But suppose we'll just see how the campaign will lead on this, for now.

Doug Wead is interviewed briefly on his assessment of what happened on Super Tuesday. But his long term outlook is sound!

Ron Paul aides ponder ‘frustrating’ race

By JAMES HOHMANN | 3/7/12 4:09 PM EST Updated: 3/8/12 6:19 AM EST

BOISE, Idaho — Ron Paul’s top strategists are confused and frustrated that the wild enthusiasm they see at their campaign rallies and events is not translating into votes.

Thousands turned out to see the Texas congressman at events in Alaska, Idaho and North Dakota in the days before Super Tuesday... gap between dreams and reality came to a head during a Wednesday morning conference call for senior staff when the discussion turned to why the campaign keeps underperforming its own forecasts.

“They count the numbers and then they count the votes,” said Doug Wead, a Paul senior adviser who was on the call. “Did they get overconfident? … We’re digesting that.”

Despite his lack of success, Paul is unlikely to get out of the race anytime soon. He often says he is leading a “movement” and his campaign is concentrated on amassing delegates rather than winning the nomination, though the two are not mutually exclusive...


Jesse Benton is interviewed by NPR on his assessment of what happened on Super Tuesday:

Ron Paul's In-It-To-Win-It Strategy Is 'Not Far-Fetched,' Campaign Manager Says

by Liz Halloran | March 7, 2012

Texas Rep. Ron Paul hasn't won any of the 23 Republican presidential primaries or caucuses already in the 2012 history books.

He's captured only 29 delegates, just 5 percent of those awarded in contests to date. (Front-runner Mitt Romney has 340 committed delegates, 58 percent of those officially allotted, according to NPR calculations.)

And on Super Tuesday, Paul's caucus strategy took a hit in North Dakota, where he had staked time, hope and money, and where Rick Santorum pulled out a win...

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Good interview, I like the

Good interview, I like the guy.

But I also have to say that the lady had a point in saying that Ron Paul's voters don't seem to be in the same party as he is. LOL!
I think that was very obvious on tuesday, but it is not at all a bad thing.
So many anti-war people would never vote for a Republican for example.

But they will have to, he's the only anti-war candidate.

I wouldn't call him one of

I wouldn't call him one of the few good guys there. There are plenty of good guys over there, but most are pretty cynical about Ron Paul. Most of them have probably spent their lives voting for losing third party candidates.


well, to be more specific,

I was referring to TWO who aren't there anymore: Julian Sanchez and David Weigel, and the two who are: Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie, all of whom intentionally orchestrated the entire newsletters smear with Jamie Kirchick, TNR, and F*cker Carlson.

I've fleshed it out in previous posts so if interested you can probably track them down, for reference. But, the gist of it is that they played the 'independent 3rd party verifying all of Kirchick's assertions.' Making it seem like 'more than one source, thus the story must be true'- propaganda was the reality.

The four are also the reason why Lew Rockwell and even Murray Rothbard and Justin Raimondo's names were all cited by ReasonMag, and repeated and endlessly cited by moronic liberal sites, as well as the RINO sites.

It had NOTHING to do with the Doc, nor the Newsletters but much more to do with KOCHtopus vs. Mises.

They could've all helped us out. But instead of aiding the man who was introducing libertarianism to more people than CATO/Reason Faketarians could ever dream of, they decided because of long ongoing feud between Koch Bros' CATO/Reason vs. Mises, and because in their minds, the Auburn set are a whole bunch of pro-life anaracho-capitalist of 'disreputable' pedigree and not 'their' kind of libertarians, nor did they think they're cool enough to project the 'we are the world' Coca-Cola ad feel image to the masses; hence Nick Gillespie'c 'Happy Days'-era "Fanz" leather jacket. It's all petty, but not minor, especially now that the Kochs are sorta suing 'thyself' by suing Ed Crane to 'take back' the reins of "independent" CATO.

So it's doubly disgusting now that Matt Welch, a socialist liberal who hasn't got the slightest clue that NAP (Non-Aggression Principle) is really the cornerstone of libertarian thought, and furthermore, voluntarysm, is riding the Doc and R3VOL's coattails to sell their new book "Declaration of IndependenTS."

Frankly they sort of have the same attitude that Bob Barr had. Like an entitlement liberal he was actually incredulous at the thought that Dr. Paul wouldn't simply hand of over the reigns of the Freedom/Liberty/Patriot Movement that he's headed, built up by himself and close associates and dedicated hardcore supporters, just because Barr was there and slightly younger.

the f'ng arrogance of it all. still pisses me off just thinking about it. Frankly when Adam Kokesh reneged/retracted his endorsement of Bob Barr precisely because of his treachery against the Doc, that's when my respect for Adam shot through the roof, and looked upon him kindly ever since.

It's disgusting how it was those four who concocted this whole plan to in effect sink the 2008 campaign, were constantly on TV (you'll never see Lew on MSM, unlike the Beltarian set), first to float the rumor that it was Lew, Murray, and Justin who were the authors, WITHOUT any proof, in fact trying to malign Mises Institute with it all, to now acting like how they've always respected the Doc and the message.

That's why Brian Doherty is one of the few good ones, IMHO.

Besides, it's no secret that, that was one of the few reasons why there were rumors Brian wanted to leave Reason/CATO. If he did, Lew would welcome him with open arms.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Ron Paul Biopic?

Could we have a Ron Paul movie based on the book Doherty wrote? That would be so awesome I would buy it right away, but who would play Paul?

GREAT CLIP thanks AnCapMercenary

"...his sensible foreign policy ...that it's a little bit too sensible for many Republican voters"

-Doherty's sane analytical cue strikes the 8-ball!

Just keep going... It ain't near over..

Get those delegates, get those delegates.

They rebroadcast the MSM

They rebroadcast the MSM "estimated" delegate totals, too bad for them...

RT also leads with a typical MSM super negative preface

Is that a monkey see, monkey do problem, or have they taken on corrupt money now?

Can't they just conduct an interview without misrepresenting the facts (Associated Press delegate lies) and negative opinions against Ron Paul? Can't they let people think for themselves instead of telling them what to think?

How about a neutral standpoint and just the facts, it doesn't seem to exist hardly anywhere in the media, even RT.

reedr3v's picture

True, but RT reporters are head and shoulders

above U.S. mainstream reporters in being able to understand issues and principles

thank you mods!

for embedding!!!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul