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ATTENTION ILLINOIS VOTERS Important voting information for early and primary day vote

ILLINOIS VOTERS: Early voting has started for Illinois. If you plan to vote early or on the actual primary day of March 20th, please be aware of who our delegates are.

I don't know for certain how the ballots will be laid out for each district, but JUST IN CASE you may want to make sure for yourself. Here is the list of our delegates and alternates

District Delegates Alternate Delegates

District 1 Jerome Kohn Pater McCutcheon
Gregory Stech Robert Hardwidge
Mathew Murphy Benjamin Stech

District 2 Anthony Raczak Melanie Alejandre
James P. Wogan Michael Neuliep
Lisa Wogan Michael Watson

District 3 Dan Karl Josh Marszalik
Sean Athy David Marszalik
Tim Maszalik John Ciesar

District 4 Ryan Anderson Stephen Jaye
Forrest Jehlik Victoria Ledesma

District 5 Joseph Cesarone Scott Davis
Hugh A. Gallagly Jr. Pawel Hardej
David Ratowitz Ethan Rivera

District 6 Chris Jenner Daniel Juffernbruch
Mathew Phillips Gregory Musinski
Robert Schlereth Samson Scarpino

District 7 Erin Gallagly Marty Phelan
Carl Segvich Joanna Kappele

District 8 Michael Labno Xavier Beltran
William Locke Baba Padmanabhan
Christian Sass Charles Wasserman

District 9 Justin Keulthau Peter Pigott
Tony Cimbalo Peter Wood
Mike Rothman John Skrabutenas

District 10 Carl Arriaza Doug Kiscellus
William Abermoske Michael Nash
Joshua Gore John Chiakulas

District 11 Michael Langenberg Aaron Criss
Christopher Soppet Paul Chrones
Mary Ann Tobar Jason Schade

District 12 Margie Graham Patricia Hampton
Anthony Randazzo Truman Hughes
Dustin Throgmorton Margaret Frick

District 13 Albert Capati Anthony Altig
David Cearlock Roger Beanland
Martin Johnson Kacey Nelson

District 14 Mathew Sterba Dan O'Brien
Mark Widhalm Rob Plerucci
Justin Smith Calvin Kunkel

District 15 Jesse Green Stephen Bone
Ted Jotte Brian Latimer
Allyson Saad
Michael Langley

Diatrict 16 Heidi Emmett Darrell Lake
Samuel Felker Ryan Michie
Andrius Gaiziunas Diane Kennicker

District 17 Nancy Brandt Mathew Blick
Tim Stetson Laurie Bludorn
Rafe Thrasher Dan Nordstrom

District 18 Donald Henry Reynaldo J. Agama
Robert Lauder Bradley Lyles
Jonathon Scrivner Robert Tessem
Benjamin Stear Ervie Marvin

It may not make a difference whether you need to know these names or not, but as we all know, the delegates are the most important part. So if you find yourself in a position where you need to know who they are, please print out the names and take them with you. Even if you don't know what district you're in, if you see these names then make sure your vote goes to them.

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Bring voter cards

I've never voted in a primary before, but when I voted in the last general election I didn't need to have a voter card. I voted early and at my university campus. However, I was told that I might need to bring my (mailed in) official voter card with me on the 20th.

Since some people have said they were turned away because their names weren't on voter registration lists, I recommend that everyone bring their voter cards with them as proof.

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+ Civility first
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Thank you

Thank you for posting this. I am running as a delegate in the 13th district and I very much appreciate you sharing this information!!

-David Cearlock


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