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Illinois Poses Next Big Prize in Republican Primary Battle

CHICAGO – Pop quiz: Which state in the Republican presidential primary has the most delegates on offer: Florida, Ohio or Illinois?

If you said the latter, you’re right. Illinois has 69 delegates, compared with 66 for Ohio and 50 for Florida, but it gets far less attention in the political realm than the other two key general election battlegrounds. Expect to hear a lot more about it in the coming weeks. On March 20, Illinois holds its primary, making it far and away the biggest primary prize in the month following Super Tuesday. Only Missouri – with 52 delegates – and Alabama and Louisiana – with 50 and 46 respectively – even approach the mathematical importance of Illinois.


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We need activists out canvassing in Illinois now

First poll is not encouraging at all
Romney 35%
Santorun 31%
Gingrich 12%
Paul 7%


We need activists out canvassing now and lots of them, if we are to turn this around.
Most of delegates are selected by district.
Illinois primary 3/20.
There are 9 days left.

Election Rules

Illinois - 69 delegates
This is a so-called "Loophole" primary (a Delegate Selection Primary combined with an Advisory "beauty contest" presidential preference vote). The popular vote in the Illinois Republican Primary will have nothing whatsoever to do with the presidential preference of the 54 separately elected National Convention delegates.

Each candidate for delegate ... must file a Statement of Presidential Preference supporting a specific presidential candidate, or a statement that he/she intends to run uncommitted [SBE No. P-1E]. Note: There is no law or rule officially binding the delegates to the candidate
2 to 4 delegates per district (total 54)
12 delegates chosen at state convention 9th June


"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Thanks for the research

Thanks for the research

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Any sign waves going on in Illinois?

Could anyone post any sign waving events going on in the Chicago or the northeast part of Illinois?

Two shorten the road.

Even if you live in a primary state like Illinois get involved

Become the GOP, go to local republican party meetings, find out how to attend local conventions, even if Ron Paul doesn't win the primary you can change the rules at the state convention and make the delegates unbound. This message needs to be spread if we become the party we can make our own rules about how delegates are selected and bound or not bound.

Illinois has 69 delegates,

Illinois has 69 delegates,