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Raw milk consumers trust farmers over health officials

Forget ‘crying over it,’ the way federal health officials portray the potential health risks of unprocessed milk might have some scrambling for a HazMat suit and respirator if faced with an overturned glass. Interestingly, however, a new study puts into stark relief the disconnect between the government who says: “raw milk, unconscionably bad,” and raw milk consumers who categorically respond with: “but its good for me”.

That there is a segment of the American population which actually prefers to drink milk in the raw continues to frustrate some health officials. What’s even more vexing for officialdom is that the vast majority of raw milk consumers don’t seem to care what government food safety experts have to say about the risks associated with any of their dietary choices (in spite of several federal agencies’ best educational efforts).

This, according to a survey of raw-milk-regulars published in the March issue of Food Protection Trends. Out of 56 raw milk proponents who responded to a Michigan State University questionnaire (an admittedly small sample), 52 said they don’t trust health officials’ food safety recommendations.

Read more: http://ivn.us/2012/03/07/raw-milk-consumers-trust-farmers-ov...

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I just went out and bought

I just went out and bought some raw milk after reading this. I feel pleasantly refreshed. Also got the thumbs up and a few honks from people behind me as my Giant Ron Paul decals are a bit hard to miss. Little moments, they make my day.

this is true--

I trust my farmer. I'm in a state where regulation is required, and my farmer is 'concerned' about his own legal safety, but . . .--

we keep doing it.

It's a lot of hoopla. A lot of hiding things in brown bags--

good grief!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I heard

that if you spill raw milk you have to call in a hazmat team to clean it up.. oh wait, that is if you break a new government approved light bulb - nevermind.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Call a hazmat cat.

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all 5 of us never died

before alta dena dairy in california was forced to stop selling raw milk in the late 90s I knew plenty of people that drank it. They never got sick nor died. the state of california used tax payers money to put inspectors in every dairy to oversee and never did they find any salmonelia or ecoli in the raw milk so this is another incident proving that government is too big.

scarlet brown

Raising my glass........of fresh raw milk..............


Enjoy! (I was at the rally, but didn't make it in the pics.)

For shame. How dare those

For shame. How dare those free people ignore prevailing govt widow and ingest that poison. Raw milk is ruining America, it's stealing our children's future. Raw milk must be stopped.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb