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Obama & Paul: Candidates Too 'Casual' About War

At a time in the presidential election cycle when Republican candidates traditionally draw stark distinctions between themselves and their Democratic rivals, Ron Paul is following a different tactic by highlighting a ‘nearness of position’ between himself and incumbent President Obama. Of course, no one has ever accused the dark horse hopeful of running a conventional campaign.

Paul, when asked to respond to comments made by the president at Tuesday’s White House press conference, told CNN that Obama’s cautious approach toward war with Iran is closer to his own view than those of fellow GOP contenders.

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It is an election strategy...

plain and simple.

only problem is Obama is a war monger too

This is a trick by the two parties to separate themselves. Obama you appear to be against war (yet you use it just like the GOP), Republicans you appear to be The only Party that stops terrorism, yet Obama signs the most stringent anti-American Anti-liberty terror legislation.

Meanwhile, Paul, stop the wars, talk to our enemies, trade, get out of other countries business, freedom, liberty wealth.

And they wonder why we won't vote for any other candidate.