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How the delegate count is shaping up

There have been 747 delegates allocated so far. There are 1541 left. Of the 747 Romney has won probably 350 (could be less depending on our delegate's commitment) That means he is winning 46% of the delegates. 46% of the 1541 remaining delegates is 708. 708+350 is 1058. Granted many more of the upcoming states will be winner take all, but there is a VERY good chance Romney doesn't make it to 1144. I would say it is around 30% chance he doesn't make it. I have no idea what will happen then, and neither does anyone else.

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my concern

My concern is that Romney will get fairly close with a few states to go, and the GOP and MSM will put on a full blitz that the race is over, and to capitulate for Romney. We will need to have a strong media counterattack at that time, and may need to work with Santorum/Newt supporters for that purpose.

phone call with some higher ups

at state level last night and they were truely concerned romney wasn't going to out and out take it. If Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul Combined get 52% then rom doesn't auto-get it. they were saying rom needs to get 48% of all delegates from this point forward and they were sounding like they didn't think that was going to happen.

Romney delegates

Plus some of his delegates in FL and AZ can be challenged, because the rules for those states may not have been legal.