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The real threat to Lindsey Graham and company is simply Iran remaining a sovereign nation


"The 20 percent enriched uranium is the closest Iran has come to weapons grade uranium and it is still not any where near the 90% enriched uranium needed for a nuclear weapon."

"...an Iranian nuclear program does not worry Israel or Pentagon officials as a first strike weapon, but rather as a deterrent against regime change in Iran, carried out by Israel and the US."

"So the real crime that Iran is committing is not directly threatening the US or Israel but rather acting as a soverign country and being the sole beneficiaries of their natural resources. They have chosen not to buddy up to the US and the West as Saudia Arabia or the UAE have in the last several decades to the detriment of their populations but to the benefit of their elite and the US."


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Bargaining Chip?

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I see the main reason everyone wants keep Iran from having a nuclear weapon is to reduce their influence and abililty to use nuclear weapons as a bargaining chip. I guess their rhetoric says they are afraid that Iran will drop it on Israel day 1, but to me it seems they just don't want Iran sitting at the big boy table.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

I think you are right that

I think you are right that they don't want them sitting at the big boy table and everything that comes with that.