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Michael, welcome to your new city (the least Republican city)

Super Tuesday: Will Mitt Romney emerge as the presumptive Republican nominee? Will Rick Santorum gain enough wins to swing momentum in his direction? Will Newt Gingrich bow out of the race after today's results?

Don't ask the people of Somerville.

No city in Massachusetts has a smaller proportion of Republicans than Somerville, where about 4.5 percent of voters are registered Republicans. In the whole state, only the tiny towns of Aquinnah, Wendell and Provincetown have smaller percentages of GOP-registered voters, based on numbers from 2010.


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Nicknames exist for a reason

And it's no coincidence that Slum-A-Ville is called that for a reason. The Peoples Republic of Cambridge is almost as bad...

No offense, Michael. ;)

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Thanks Frank! I should go find that guy. Ward 5 - I'm still not sure where that is. Still trying to get my bearings.

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