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We use Ray's Arithmetic...

This is from Chapter XI.: Compound Denominate Numbers... Table of Value... when money actually had stay-value. http://s1064.photobucket.com/albums/u377/chalcedonite/?actio... The entire chapter is very interesting. I'm trying to make these old text books more intuitive for today's children.

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How do you like Ray's

How do you like Ray's Arithmetic? Do you use it to home school your children? Do they take to it well? Have you used Robinson Curriculum? I only ask because my wife and I are going to home school our children as well. I suppose these questions are to the other readers as well.

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What I find interesting about

What I find interesting about the page you provided is that the 3 cent Nickel and the 5 cent Nickel are not proportional in weight to each other even though their contents are of equal parts. The 3 cent Nickel is 30 grain Troy, but the 5 cent Nickel is 77.16 grain Troy; the 5 cent Nickel is 2.572 times the weight of the 3 cent Nickel so the 5 cent Nickel should actually be 7.716 cents, or the 3 cent piece should be 1.944 cents. All of the other coins are directly proportional to each other of the same metal content, this was the only one which was different.

I wonder if the page in the book which you photographed happens to be an error, which the proofreaders didn't notice.

Which book?

I have the Ray's Arithmetic books also, but I don't remember that table.

I haven't used them for several years, but I learned so much math that was skipped in my public school education when I was teaching some of my kids from them.

Ray's New Higher Arithmetic

Ray's New Higher Arithmetic

We use McGuffey's Readers

We use McGuffey's Readers also.

I learned to read from the Primer

in the 1950's. My mom taught me before I went to Kindergarten. When I got to 1st grade I was shocked and dismayed with the public school readers (Little Red this, and Little Blue that) that had no phonics teachings. Fortunately I had a phonics background by that time so I worked it out, but I couldn't understand why no phonics and why all the boring word repetition. I found out many years later why. I was lucky to have started out with McGuffy's.

My kids wouldn't touch McGuffy's. They liked colored pictures.

That's why I created my site.

"My kids wouldn't touch McGuffy's. They liked colored pictures." That's why I created my site ( http://www.mcguffeysonlinetutor.com ). I am trying to make McGuffey's more intuitive for today's families.