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Iowa District Convention is this Saturday (10 March)

Iowa holds its District Convention this Saturday. Each District will elect 3 national delegates. That will be the first time we will know the names of the actual people that are the national delegates from Iowa.

Equally important, each District will appoint 2 members to the Slate Committee. It is the Slate Committee that chooses the 13 names that will be on the at-large national delegate slate. That is the slate that is voted on at the Iowa State Convention on 18 June.

For those of you in Iowa that are delegates to this District Convention, it would be interesting to know after this weekend how many RP we got elected as both national delegates and how many RP we got appointed to the Slate Committee.

None of the delegates in Iowa are bound so this could be significant.

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Not yet

This Saturday the county conventions will be held in Iowa. The district conventions will occur April 21. The county convention will choose delegates to attend the district AND state conventions (package deal). National delegates will be chosen at the district and state conventions. All RP supporters should sign up for district and state, to maximize our influence at those levels. It requires a $40 check payable to the county GOP in order to be a delegate. The money has to be paid on Saturday.

Sorry about getting the dates mixed up.

So I thought delegates to the county convention had already been selected at the district caucuses back in January, and it was those county delegates that vote for the district and state delegates. Not true?

Order goes like this:

Precinct-->County-->District and State

County chooses district and state in one blow. At least that's how it works in Iowa. Every caucus is different though.

I know we don't have real numbers on precinct delegates. Has anyone heard if the media will be on top of Iowa Saturday?