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A new debate opportunity before Alabama primary on Tuesday 3/13


"Former Gov. Bob Riley has endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

Riley's endorsement comes as Alabama prepares for its presidential preference primary on Tuesday. There will be 47 delegates at stake in the Republican primary.

State Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead said he's trying to get Romney and Ron Paul to attend a presidential candidate forum Monday evening in Birmingham. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have already agreed to appear."

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I was elated that Alabama and Mississippi had moved out of the Super Tuesday crowd because I figured Dr. Paul would be here since there are no other states slated to vote in the next few days.

Now I see that he has apparently skipped both states entirely. His last events were in Kansas and Missouri and he has no scheduled events until Jay Leno on the 20th. Admittedly it will be tough for him to get 20% in Alabama(essentially the needed level of support to get any delegates proportionally awarded), but if you don't show up at ALL, you definitely have decreased chances of doing it.

According to the State GOP chairman, ALOT of focus will be on the presidential candidate forum tonight at the very least from inside the state but apparently CSPAN will also be showing the forum nationally. It is unfortunate and disappointing that Dr. Paul has apparently already given up on Alabama and has chosen to not even show up for an event that might get him a few more percentage points.

Not happy at all that the campaign has apparently conceded both states. Hopefully at the very least he is maybe going to Hawaii for a surprise unannounced visit or something, but I doubt it.

We agree. Now more that every

We agree. Now more that every he needs to be in the news as an alternative to the warmongers. It isn't too late....if someone at the campaign is reading this, get him to jump on a plane to Birmingham (and the debate).

gingrich just came out in support of afghan withdrawal

in addition to the fox panel discussing gingrich's proposal and one mentioning dr paul having been at it for years with that bush secretary dana whatever stuttering some nonsense trying to backtrack, if they choose to focus on foreign policy in the upcoming debate it could get interesting

That's why it is so

That's why it is so disappointing that RP is apparently passing up this opportunity to mix it up on foreign policy with Santy and Grinch.

Only Frothy and the Grinch

Only Frothy and the Grinch have said yes thus far. Oh well....another opportunity passes by.

Is RP going to do it? I fear

Is RP going to do it? I fear not. Now than ever because of the Afghan mess, he needs to take on the other candidates in a public forum.


Just one more good debate is all we need I think.

Checking back. Does anyone

Checking back. Does anyone know?

Is RP going to do this? Yes,

Is RP going to do this? Yes, Alabama is not a good state for him but it means national coverage.

Makes me wish I could

take back my vote for Riley now. Nonetheless, I'd LOVE a presidential debate to be held in Alabama (for once). We had a surprise gubernatorial election last cycle which put the "non-establishment" Dr. Bentley in Montgomery (and I voted for him simply because he wasn't an obvious bought & paid for party hack).

If Paul would campaign here, especially in Birmingham & Mobile, he'd do a lot better in the primary on Tuesday. This is heavy FoxNews country (i.e. ignorant of reality), and if he was plastered all over local news talking up his platform, I think he'd have a real shot.

I can't understand why Paul

I can't understand why Paul hasn't already jumped at this opportunity. He needs every chance, especially now, to mix it up with the other candidates, even if Romney doesn't show.

As to Riley, I can understand why you might have voted for him the first time but would be mystified if you did it a second time after he supported massive tax increases.