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Ron Paul PROMOTIONAL FLYER for the media brainwashed VERSION FOR Non-Paul PEOPLE OVER 50!

I just finished up with a RON PAUL PROMOTIONAL FLYER version geared towards those 50+ Non-Paul voters. It compares Ron Paul to the other candidates on the issues that matter most to Non-Paul voters 50+.

FREE DOWNLOAD of ALL current versions of the Candidate Comparison Chart (promotional flyer) & PRINT them out (TIFF images and PDFs) http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3


ORDER them here and proceeds go to the campaign:


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absolutely right..

time got the info out to everyone!...

alright lets get everyone on our side

We can get every demographic when we realize that there are differences.

All people are equal but everyone is different!


These are able to change a very important demographic! And not only that demographic but all others too...

Forget about the media and all the fuss about this or that guy saying this or that shit about RP. WONT HELP - WONT MATTER!!!

ITS ON US TO EDUCATE AND INFORM THE MASSES that are brainwashed by the media

Forgive them as they dont know better.(yet)

bump again until we start to inform the masses..

Its now or never!
These comparison flyers would have won us virginia. Sadly msot people dont know about the difference between the candidates.

Its just: Pretty frontrunner Romney, Evangelical Rick and and that crazy old dude!
They avoid going into anything substantial or revealling about their real agendas.

Its on US to wake the people up in order to achieve Liberty!
Cmon people they are free to print!!!


Needs to be bumped

bump again