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We hold the fate of the nation in our hands.

Two months ago, FOX NEWS pundits admitted the GOP cannot win the presidency without Ron Paul


It is pretty clear the GOP leadership doesn't care about the presidency. The figure they can hold power in Congress and the governorships. However, there is a dirty little secret that they fail to mention. Very few incumbents (mostly Democrats) win by a larger percentage than we represent in the electorate. WE hold the fate of ALMOST EVERY REPUBLICAN officeholder in the country if we vote for their opponents en masse. Imagine the loss of EVERY GOP Senate seat, EVERY Governorship and well over 200 House seats. The GOP would never recover and we would have the opportunity to build another political party from its remnants. Extreme? Is this any more extreme than the Patriot Act, Military Commission Act and the NDAA?

The question is NOT whether we should threaten this, but WHO delivers the threat. Time is running out.

Your thoughts?

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I think it's all simply a show.

Months ago many people commented that the Democratic/Republican party was simply ONE party, and early primary election results are confirming this fact.

So far the "Status Quo" is the winner {s} in the early elections, which guarantees no changes in American politics.

If Americans really want "Constitutional" change, they ALL would support Ron Paul, including the leaders of both major parties.

Ron Paul in 2012 !