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Ron Paul’s In-It-To-Win-It Strategy Is ‘Not Far-Fetched’

From NPR – Liz Halloran

....It’s not far-fetched at all. Most of the delegate projection is simply that, speculation based on how people think delegates will be allotted based on performance in nonbinding straw polls. They’re going to be elected through the state convention process. It’s our strategy to attack those state conventions, move through that convention process and capture delegates that way. The reporting of delegate attainment is largely skewed by the media right now.

On how the Paul campaign will adjust its strategy of trying to harvest delegates in caucus states now that the race is shifting to primaries with winner-take-all provisions

We’re going to have to attack these primary states in a strategic manner. We’re going to be looking at Texas [May 29] and California [June 5] where we can pick up big delegates.

On his former rival, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who vowed to make sure Texas is friendly territory for Gingrich

Gov. Perry doesn’t have very much political capital to spend, so we’ll see how effective that is.

On the point, beyond collecting money, of staying in long after the nomination race is decided. In 2008, Sen. John McCain reached the delegate threshold in March, but Paul stayed in until mid-June and transferred $4.7 million to the advocacy group Campaign for Liberty.

The money that we’re raising, we’re spending very, very aggressively to win delegates. In 2008, the whole point was that we thought conservatives and constitutionalists deserved to have a constitutionalist to vote for even down the line. It was largely a party-building exercise. This time it’s about real political victory. Dr. Paul is going to stay in this race either until he’s the nominee or another candidate has 1,144 bound delegates. We see a brokered convention situation as very likely. There’s a real possibility we can block any other candidate from winning 1,144 delegates.


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Well, I'm gonna start saying this a bunch of times: HIT up the

old people...they vote more often per capita than the young folks....

We have enough young folks now---if each of the one million supporters all hit up and coverted 10 actual voters we would win. Bye


the first thing I would

the first thing I would suggest for success is to stop calling those over 50 old people. As long as that is stuck in your brain, it will show in your voice and body language. It's a big turn off, no matter what your cause.
I can say this in all honesty as a 60 year old who feels 30, and sees clearly that those young people who are so good at sign waving and going to rallies aren't voting.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

I am almost

your age. Mellow out.


Gonna be a long summer

Some will sleep through.