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Hidden Mic Obama Caught Saying Rick Is Done - They Wanted Ron Paul Out Quick .

Has anyone else seen this video. sounds legit. this one needs a sticky.


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I say it's bogus.

I listened carefully many times, and the portion where O allegedly mentions getting Ron out of the picture quickly simply doesn't say that.

I'm also suspicious of the "bad speaker" sound quality, which sounds like it's supposed to be a lousy recording, but probably masks splices.

Also note that such a recording would violate wiretapping laws big time.


What a stupid thing to post... clearly fake.. you're not gonna catch crap like this from the President on a hidden mic. it's just some guy trying to sound like obama (doing a mediocre job) who then distorted the audio.. I can't even imagine in what context the creator of this audio wanted us to think Obama would be saying this.. Like what? Is he supposed to be just talking talking to a wall? At least make it seem like he's conversing or something if you want to fool people.

Not surprised at all.

We know this is how they operate. Romney is no different than Obama in my opinion. He will not repeal Obamacare, he is pro-abortion, pro-gay union, overall he's simply against God.

pay no mind to the illuminati

pay no mind to the illuminati stuff.