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An idea on how to thank the troops for their service.

"Thank you very much for your support and defense of the Constitution against all enemies foreign... but now that you're home, could you give us a hand with the domestic ones please? While you were gone more tyrannical laws were passed by traitors in D.C. that further eroded our Bill of Rights. Since you have military training now, would you mind sharing that training with other citizens, as George Washington originally intended? If so, I would work hard to learn well what you have to teach, because, to quote Adam Kokesh, "The greatest enemies of the Constitution can not be found in some far off distant sands, but rather RIGHT HERE AT HOME!"

Requesting opinions from military personnel please. I tried hard to keep it respectful, while at the same time imparting a sense of urgency. What sparked this idea is hearing soldiers, especially Marines saying "I am so sick of people thanking me for my service". Would this get me knocked on my @$$, or get people thinking about who and where the real threats to the Constitution are? Thanks!

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