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Lobby KING, Jack Abramoff confesses: Ron Paul could NOT be bought !

Here is the recording of Jack on the "Power Hour" radio show.
In addition to stating that Ron was not Lobbiable, He says he beleives RP is the kind of statesman the founders had in mind when they considered the type of congresspeople necessary to maintain the the Constitution.
Here is the recording.
His best statements come in at about the 5:10 mark:


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Damn the media for not picking this up

This is one of the many reasons why I will vote for Ron Paul no matter what happens. If I have to crawl through mud just to write him in, he is the only one getting my vote this time around. No more Bush, Dole, McCain types for me. None of the 3 clones will beat 0bama, and the masses of the ignorant had better wake up soon to that fact or it will be curtains for America. Ron Paul could easily win if his message would just get to enough people. Damn the media! I am now a fan of Joyce Riley.

The media never picks this up cause they are in the same boat..

..the lobbyists sit in. They wont sink their own boat.

Once people know what the Dr. stands for without the media spinning his message he wins their minds and hearts!

We need to inform the sleeping masses that rely solely on the mass media that blacks out Ron Paul or spins his message.
Espacially the 50+ generation, that is watching FOXCNN all day, is hurting us at the polls. We also have flyers geared for them!
Lets get these flyers out in masses! Its now on US to educate and inform!
If every Paul supporter prints some hundred and puts them in their neighbourhood then we multiply our chances to win the nomination!

These flyers are all free to print:
http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3 <- all versions that are available.
- Including flyers geared towards 50+ generation.(If you know a place or neighbourhood with retirees where they might have an impact)

please share links.

Everyone can print them and distribute them everywhere to inform the masses. Mailboxes, windshields, public spaces, voting places, delegate meetings...
+ dont forget to register as a delegate in your state.