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Breaking: Heffernan announces Ron Paul : president of the internet ! So it written, so let it be done!

I think congratulations are in order! Rons first presidential victory! And a global win at that! I have always thought of the internet as a sort of Constitutional Republic where the people are truly in control and speech is still free. Ron will be quite comfortable with this new position. I like the fact that he will enjoy more power and prestige than any sitting monarch, dictator or president. He certainly is the man for the job! By the power vested in all of us internet Ron Paul supporters, we unanimously 2nd the nomination and do declare Ron Paul President of the internet. Perhaps We the people will finally have the opportunity to be heard and heeded. We the people can finally be the congress and Senate that should help make the decisions that corporate lobbyists will not allow in DC. Yes, I think this is the government we the people have been looking for. It won't be difficult to improve upon what we have now !
Can you say virtual Coup d'etat?
Congratulations on your victory President Paul!
For those planners that enjoy pomp and circumstance,some ceremony and celebration is probably in order. Just let us know where and when...I will enjoy attending..virtually of course, in my jammies.
Mr. President Please execute your first orders of business. We interenet constituants humbly and obediently await your instructions to get this sinking ship of State back to sailing like the...Mayflower !

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