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Election Business Venture

Hi, everybody recently I had an idea that could/should be extremely successful. Everybody knows that Santourm wants to be dictate everybody sexual behaviors and is extremely against birth control. Therefore, I thought of a business idea that I would attract some capitalist freedom lovers. WIthout further notice, I would like to introduce Santorum condoms. He is an extrmeley polarzing figure, and I think that this idea is creative and could attract some extreme attention.

Santorum condom could be: "Protect yourself from frothy mixtures."


"Prevent the next Santorum."

Any comments or suggestions would be extremely helpful! Thank you!!

BTW, some of profits would be given to a Ron Paul Super-Pac, probably RevPac.

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looks like it costs little to start

Google "customized condoms wrappers" ---I got this


and there are many other companies offering the same services.

As for slogan, of the 2 I'd go with Prevent the next Santorum.