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We Are In A Good Spot! You Should Do The OPPOSITE of Quitting...Now is the time to..

Go All In! Remember when the establishment was worried about Ross Perot when he was polling 15-17%? Now we have much more organization & support for Ron Paul who is polling mid 20's, and polls the best against Obummer! Strategically, this is the time to donate, time, money, energy, & watch what was planted-GROW! Revolutions are not won simply, and you have to ask yourself, what do I care about? If you care about the country & your children, or possible future children, & your fellow neighbors (though many be in the dark), then NOW is the time to PUSH FORWARD, Not Quit! If you are depressed that the media wont back Ron Paul, then you live in an illusion. Obviously they arent FOR us! Any Ron Paul supporter knows this. The headway we are making is truly incredible. For the newbies...the foundation you stand upon was built by your fore bearers, and the foundation they stand upon, by a minority of people working hard for many, many years. If you truly desire to change this country & its corrupt system you will stay the course & do the work necessary to change it. Understand what is at stake. This opportunity, (w/the freedom of the internet) to support someone who supports REAL CHANGE & Liberty, is rare, as rare as the character of Ron Paul. Dont let the opportunity pass you by. You are a part of something MUCH BIGGER than mere presidency. You are guardians of Liberty, guardians of good ideas, whose time has come. The future calls! Stay the course.