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Kony 2012 Dismantled

Yesterday when I groggily opened my eyes and did my pre-rolling-out-of-bed iPhone Merry-Go-Round (Email, Facebook, Twitter, Repeat), I noticed on the 'ol Facebook feed something to the effect of "3,236 of your friends posted about Kony 2012" (Editor's Note: Actual numbers may be made up) along with a video of the same title. Being the go getter about town that I am, I didn't have time to watch the video throughout the day, but I became more intrigued as I saw it reposted over and over. The general gist I got from reading some random comments was "Joseph Kony is this evil mofo in Uganda, captures children and turns them into soldiers and sex slaves, we need to get the word out." This all seems like a worthy enough cause, and in recent years we've seen political speech often go "viral" on the internet and turn into visible real life action: The coordination of the Egyptian protests using social media, websites going "dark" for a day to protest SOPA, and of course the campaign of Ron Paul, which essentially owes it's existence to social media and the grassroots viral marketing of his supporters. But perhaps to a fault, I'm often skeptical of "causes" until I've fully researched them. Sometimes they are legit, sometimes they are complete scams, and often the truth lies somewhere in between. I decided to reserve judgement until I'd actually sat down, watched the video with my dual Openmindedness/Skepticism glasses on, and done a little research.

As I lay in my bed with a delightful glass of Jack Daniels and click my YouTube play button, I was immediately struck by the slickness and high production quality of the video. I was expecting some sort of grainy documentary footage from deep in the heart of Africa, but stylistically it felt more like a commercial or an MTV "True Life" show. Which isn't to say that's a bad thing: regardless of what the message is, the first thing any effective marketing campaign needs to do is reel in the viewer and keep them interested, which is especially true of a video 29 minutes in length. And the producers do an absolutely brilliant job. Our "story" begins immediately catering to our most primal human emotions with touching scenes of rescues of disaster victims and a deaf woman using new technology to hear for the first time amongst others interspersed within images of social media such as YouTube and Facebook. Before we know what hit us we are quickly parlayed into images of the Egyptian revolution. The message is clear: people have the power to do incredible things to help others and our social technologies are giving people greater power than ever. All good so far.

From here we are introduced to our narrator, Jason Russell, via video of the birth of his son and a nice little "I'm playing with my son and ain't he the cutest" montage. Partway through this montage is where I find the first red flag that made me question what this video was really going to be all about. While speaking of how his son dreams of being in movies, there is a graphically added image of a missile and subsequent explosion to emphasize the young boy's movie fantasies. Now many will say that I'm reading way too into this, but I find it very odd that within the first few minutes we have an image of war slipped into our happy-go-lucky father-son montage. But I decide to do as many others will and continue to watch to see where they're going with all this. We then see a brief clip of Mr. Russell speaking to a group of young men and women and saying "Who are you to end a war? I'm here to tell you, 'Who are you not to?'". Still no specifics, but no argument with what I'm hearing. As early twentieth century writer Randolph Bourne wrote ,"War is the Health of the State", and with The State being completely anathema to liberty, this lion considers himself staunchly anti-war. So I'm listening.

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My reply to Lions of Liberty:

It took me all day after receiving a link to the video in my e-mail this morning. Then after reluctantly watching it I pondered the poster with Kony/Bin Laden/Hitler. Why was Bin Laden in this threesome? He may have been a bad guy but Hitler? ...and a child molesting,face mutilating, kidnapping psychopath?
There are hundreds of millions that see Bin Laden as an heroic, pious, freedom fighter that wanted "infidels" with armour off his beloved peninsula. Couldn't they come up with a better villain, saaaay one of the Rothchilds?

Read this, start 5/8 down the page:




You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Thanks, Jason

For your comments on the site. That's another "red flag" that made me question this. Why are we comparing Hitler Kony and Bin Laden? The point , obviously, is to stir emotion. It makes me think of the propaganda toward Ghadaffi, Saddamn, Ahhmadenejad, etc. All bad guys, and all overhyped as boogeymen for a completely separate political reason.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Thanks for the links Kenny

Thanks. The man hunt for Kony can be used to expose the propaganda that the Right and Left use to promote their war agenda. It is really unbelievable that people fall for these lies again and again.

War only strengthens the state.

thanks, I'd never heard of

thanks, I'd never heard of kony before. Now I hope I do because I have a good comeback!

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+1 to MarcMadness

Thank You from the deepest of my heart for this post, sir.

Only the true Righteous can shout out loud this early against the Deceiver getting so busy in his ugly work of Deception.

People : let us move past this Lie and get back to supporting Ron Paul's cause. Our Liberty. Your Constitution and country Restoration.

Moving on definitely with this.

And relieved.

Yours, Truly,

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Thanks, Lysiandad!

Appreciate your thoughts! There's a lot of information out there about the LRA, UPDC and SPLA, all of which are responsible for tremendous atrocities in Africa. It's highly suspicious to me that only one group and even moreso one man who hasn't been heard from in six years or so is targetted as the only "bad guy".

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I'd love to know

Who all the donors to Invisible Children are that funded this vid. Maybe a follow up post?

Not sure if that is available to the public

Google searches haven't turned anything in at least.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I've also been trying

I thought that registered nonprofits had to release that info but I could be wrong. I've had no luck myself.

It almost seems...

...like a very shrewd Psy-op. I'm betting that before it's all over, the SPLA (is this a communist org?) will be declared enemy in order to justify taking their oil. If I have this all wrong, someone please chime in with another point of view.

I'd say

You got it exactly right. The most clever propaganda is one based on truth and then spun in a specific direction. Kony is definitely a bad guy, but the focus on Uganda and support or other bad guys is what makes this extremely suspect. Thanks for reading!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I endorse this message

I endorse this message

Well written Marc

It seems they've found another boogie man.

Thank you!

Nice to see a logic based approach to this viral sensation rather than just an emotional response that so many uniformed people jump on.