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The Tampa Bay Project: A Video To Show Delegates On The Convention Floor

Get your computer tablets ready. We need to coordinate and create a specific video designed for GOP delegates in Tampa Bay. The purpose is to show the video to as many delegates as possible in order to help persuade them to vote for Ron Paul (if they're not already on our side...)

There are SO MANY great Ron Paul videos out there! Perhaps a compilation of the best videos to date? I've never created a video, but I would like to at least help in the process.

Please suggest your favorite Ron Paul video, the one that really hits you to the core the most...so we can help compile all of our thoughts into one great video to show in Tampa Bay.

What Ron Paul video out there made you cry?

Remember this? DON'T FORGET IT!


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the prophecy video

where all that he alleged would happen did happen. You have to listen to someone who knows what's going to happen before it does.