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A thought about Missouri

I have noticed in my spreading of the Doctor, that here (in North Central Missouri, anyway) that a lot of people think we have already chosen the nominee (I will not mention its name) through the primary, and don't know about the caucus. Since I have found this out, I have been first scaling their interest in Dr. Paul by bringing up issues and seeing if their ideas match his, and then suggesting. If they show support for him (which most people I've talked to have), then and only then will have I been telling them about the caucuses on the 17th (or 15th for Chariton County). Since we haven't had a caucus, and a lot of people are, for lack of better words: lazy people who would rather just drop their vote in a box and leave, I have found that the only people that are going are people that are passionate about his message and want to see him elected; I'm not getting the same response from other candidates supporters or the elder population. I should push him more than I do, but the demographics of this area are either a small proportion of young, families, or the biggest one -- "older folk." A lot of people are low income, on a fixed income, or receiving an abundance of government support (or a mixture of all three). Being the Show-Me State, a lot of people are also so hard headed that it takes fighting tooth and nail to get them to change their mind, and comes down to an argument in the form of "I don't care, they're all evil."

Should everyone be involved in this process, if possible: as American citizens, yes. Should we be educating about the caucus process: here, definitely (I've had to do a lot of research as this would be my first caucus). But, at the same time, I'd hate to lose this advantage. To make things short... I'm thinking that here in Missouri, we have an advantage in that a lot of people don't realize that the upcoming caucus picks the delegates. Therefore, I propose this: push the message of the caucus in this state, but only after we know who they're supporting.

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Let's get this one to the top for sure...kind of reminds me of Washington circa 2008, when many of the non-Paul voters were so lazy that they only voted in the primary and then didn't vote in the caucuses, and as a result Paul did much better in the caucuses than in the primary by a factor of 2.82 (he got 21.6% in the caucuses, 7.7% in the primary).

If a similar thing happens in Missouri this cycle, Ron Paul will get around 34.4% in the state's caucuses; enough for a win if Santorum and Romney get roughly the same number of votes each.

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