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Why is Kansas Gov. Brownback joining Ron Paul in a town hall meeting?

Governor Brownback to Attend Ron Paul's Townhall in Topeka, KS
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Isn't he a big Neo-Con? What is up with this?

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Lived in KS for 15 yrs.

Brownback was a Senator at the time and I hate to break it to you, but Santorum is Brownback's kind of guy.

Why? Because Saint Torum & Brownback always play to the radical anti-abortion and anti-gay crowds, because when you're in the middle of an economic crisis and/or economic uncertainty, when the US dollar is on the brink of collapse, nothing gets you votes in KS like Gods, Gays, and Guns.

Oddly, saying Brownback and Santorum in the same sentence makes me want to go wash my mouth out with soap.

The fire rises.

I can't blame him for wanting

I can't blame him for wanting to be apart of history! Some of these shmucks have to realize how influential Paul has been over the last 5 years.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

He is looking to gain Paul supporters?

Silly man.

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If you live in Kansas call his office, tell him to support Paul

Call and get your friends and family to call.

Make it clear that as his constituents, you want him to endorse Dr. Paul. Make it even clearer that you are watching him carefully, you are very politically active, AND YOU VOTE!

Make it clear you certainly will judge him by who he endorses, because it shows you very plainly what type of policies he would promote and what type of government he supports. Does he support States' rights and individual freedoms of the people? Does he believe in legitimate government, based on the US constitution and State constitution?

Make it clear that support for an ever-ballooning Federal government fully comes at the expense of the individual people and states; including the state of Kansas.

Tell him it is that simple. He took an oath of office and you expect him to honor it. If he endorses any of the 3 big government candidates, you know he is selling your state out.

Be polite

If you contact Gov. Brownback's office, I would suggest keeping it short and polite. Threats and accusations that he is selling your state out if he doesn't endorse our candidate are not helpful. That's how we have sometimes gotten our reputation for being wacky jerks.

Instead of being suspicious or belligerent about Brownback's willingness to appear with Paul, why aren't we grateful? From the perspective of the mainstream, the Paul campaign is not only a distant fourth but it's hopeless. We should be happy a sitting governor is willing to bring some positive attention to a Paul campaign appearance in his state.

Instead of a detailed plea ending with a threat, I think a simple "Thank you" with a "Please consider endorsing Congressman Paul" message might be more helpful when contacting the Gov's office. A little sophistication, nuance, and manners can be helpful in politics . . . and we can do these things without compromising our position in the least. Ron Paul displays these qualities every day. -Jeff


I agree with you about being polite and clear, using manners

The above wasn't in the spirit of calling and spewing demands. It wasn't meant as a script. Sometimes the intent and emotional tone may no come across in words.

My point was that we now see raw milk dairies being raided. We saw the Federal Government threaten Texas with a no-fly zone when Texas was trying to pass a law saying TSA could not sexually assault people. Bottom line is the Federal Government has grown way outside of its constitutional bounds.

Why is it irrational for someone to express that they believe in states concern to their state governor and say that the want a governor who will fight to maintain the state's soverignty?

I understand

President Paul..., I agree with your concerns. Sorry if I misunderstood your intent. My words were meant as a friendly reminder attached to your good idea re: contacting the governor's office. Sometimes it's not what we say so much as how we say it that sways people, pro and con.

The Master appears when the student is ready...

When learn to snatch the Rebel pure Silver peace coin from the hand of the master,

When I can walk enlightened and unburdened by troubles, weightlessly across the rice paper Consitution, without tearing a precious page or smudging a precious word,

When I understand that the sound of one hand clapping, can only be clapping for Dr. Paul at a rally,

When I realize in a moment of Zen, that Master Bryan96 is one with the universal essence of liberty and has great wisdom. Be not a bull in the Governor's china shop. Be as the reed, who with each fierce wind to and fro; bends, yields,yet does not break. Standing its ground, unbroken, it continues its mission. Don't act kookie and you find people may listen and respond better...

Only then can my mind be free and can I find true enlightenment.....

Huckabee won 60% in Kansas

Paul got 11%. So I doubt Brownback is there to back Paul.

But it never hurts to get local luminaries to acknowledge your presence and crowds. It will get more local media if nothing else.

Why is he attending? Probably to show that he is evaluating all the candidates before he endorses Santorum Friday evening.

Some cross-over

Brownback has some aspects to him that may make him somewhat favorable toward Paul. When Brownback ran briefly for president in 2007-08, he was publicly opposed to the military surge in Iraq. That set him apart from every other GOP candidate except Paul. Like Paul, he's pro-life on abortion (more sincerely than someone like Romney or Gingrich, presumably). Finally, Gov. Brownback's chief counsel is Caleb Stegall, a traditionalist conservative who used to write for Front Porch Republic website.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caleb_Stegall


Excellent work Bryan!

I hope..

Dr. Paul brings him some reading material.

We have

Perhaps he's mulling another Presidential run in 2016. He understand where all of the energy is coming from during this campaign. We have to be skeptical of people trying to personally or politically profit from the liberty revolution.

I don't understand why

I don't understand why seniors demographic does not support Ron Paul. They are wise as to what is going on...in fact in many cases wiser. I hope they feel welcomed to participate with you.

He is one and camera hog to boot

As a native Kansan I can assure you the demographics are similar to North Dakota. My brother still farms our family farm and at age 51 is one of the youngest in the county. LOTS of 65+ folks that will overwhelmingly vote for Santorum or Romney. I pray I am wrong and that the state has changed some since I moved. Brownback is a big neocon but also loves hogging the camera...will just be a distraction and no way he endorses. Hopefully it will bring a little bit of good media coverage for the good Dr. though.

Maybe he's seen the

light and is a recovering neocon? Planning to endorse Dr. Ron?

That would rock. Notice that the MSM is not saying anything about
Kansas except for a blip about New changing his plans and deciding
not to campaign there.

Hopefully they're downplaying it because they're worried RP might

Time for the Jayhawkers and Bushwhackers to unite for Dr. Paul!

Is there a Kansas thread going here?


It either leaves you flat or just blows you away.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Ron Paul Predictions Come True

Ron Paul has been saying since the last campaign that most politicians have a finger to the wind, to see which way it's blowing.

Maybe it's a sign that the wind is blowing our way (i.e., we are the wind).

He keeps saying we don't have to replace everyone in Congress, we just have to sway them.

You may have noticed the other candidates borrowing Ron Paul's lines, already.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Very odd indeed. Didn't

Very odd indeed. Didn't Brownback run for President in the '08 primaries?

he did indeed


"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams