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The best food ever vs. The Monsanto beast

Today I received a note on Facebook about my friend in health freedom, David Avocado Wolfe. His long battle with The Monsanto beast continues as he fights against what they have tried to do to the company he founded.

Sunfood was his baby, a company that would strive to bring to all of us the best "superfoods" on the planet. I myself have consumed many of the foods he offered through years. In some bizarre "takeover", the son of the head of Monsanto, got control over his company and has pushed David out and then continued for a long period of time to use David's name on the label. Moreover, the quality and integrity of the company has surely suffered as with anything Monsanto's dirty hand touches.

Today, David has started another company as a means of continuing his strive for bringing what he calls "the best food ever" to each of us. The Longevity Warehouse is online and there for all of us to take advantage of.


He can be found on Facebook and twitter as well, please be sure to stop by and let him know that we stand with him.

Just as we are fighting and not giving up, people in other related arenas are keeping the fight against tyranny going as well and we all need to support one another.

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Was just told Monsanto is losing...

David wrote to say the fight is paying off. We as Paul supporters should take a lesson from this...fight and keep fighting.

One day soon, we WILL WIN !!


"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"