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Here's some good news

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I Found This

I clicked on the link, then clicked 'Ron Paul' on that page. I found this in an article about Romney near the bottom of the page.

"The former Massachusetts governor has cleared every bar the media has set for him in the presidential race. So why isn’t he the de facto nominee by now?"

All I can think is; Divine Intervention.

Something is happening here, people! Don't let this slip away. Donate. Get back to work.

How is this good news? If

How is this good news? If Santorum is in need of some delegates, what does that make Ron Paul?

Even WITH those delegates that he threw away (which only helps Romney get closer to 1144) Santorum has more than Paul

Is Frothy paying you?

Ok -- to those supporters whom I may have reprimanded in the past (http://www.dailypaul.com/216872/lets-win-this-poll#comment-2...)

Are you being paid to post here or do you really "believe" in Frothy?

The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas.

That guy is pathetic. It

That guy is pathetic. It just shows you how much of a sham this whole election is.

I can't stand

to listen to him.

Butt-munch. That's what pops into my brain when I try to watch him.

That IS good news!