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Alaska Dispatch : How Did Ron Paul Lose Alaska?

Alaska Dispatch : How Did Ron Paul Lose Alaska?

by Eric Christopher Adams
March 07, 2012

Paul's ardent supporters here in the 49th state were on Wednesday casting a wide net, including allegations of polling impropriety, disenfranchisement and other shenanigans by Alaska Republican Party officials.

As the only Republican presidential candidate to make the lonely journey to Alaska this election cycle, and with a groundswell of support from the state's libertarian-leaning independents, many national pundits and local political watchers had expected a Ron Paul win here on Super Tuesday.

It did not come to pass. Paul ended up placing third in Alaska's presidential preference poll. Mitt Romney won Alaska by the skin of his nose, taking 32.4 percent of the vote, according to The Associated Press. Rick Santorum, in what seemed surprising, came in a strong second here, taking 29.2 percent. Paul received 3,175 votes, or 24 percent of the turnout. That should net Paul about six delegates to the GOP National Convention in August.


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On Rachel Maddow's show in the past couple of days she had a

detailed series of demographics for each of Romney's wins...point is he appeals to higher income people >$200000 income. The deal is that these people VOTE.

Now people, I am an old RP supporter. But I can tell you it has always been that way...the young tend to vote in numbers fewer per capita than the oldsters.

Therefore...take heed.....venture forth and find high income people ....for every 10 RP converts who are high income you will have more actually vote than of 10 younger converts.

Have sign waves in wealthy neighborhoods, not on just on busy freeways where it is really impersonal. In wealthy neighborhoods you might run into people on a walk on the sidewalk and you can give them a super brochure and actually pique their interest...THESE are the voters.

Nothing wrong with Ron's college crowds; they are the seeds he has planted...now you young sprouts can go forth and speak to grandma and gramps...their only interest is that OBAMA NOT WIN and Ron PAUL will protect their Medicare. (not social security for these people have income..) but Medicare, trust me, yes...as I work in this area....even though they have good incomes they are interested in Medicare for financial reasons....of potentially large bills...enough said.

So wave signs in ritzy fun upscale neighborhoods and actually TALK TO the people. They are curious about RP...again I work this market and they are eager to learn.



there was a thread on this yesterday, didn't get much comments though

Alaska voters

I have lived up here for 36 years - the churches and talk radio screamers control the minds - except in Fairbanks it seems.

Fred Colvin