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Doug Wead: "Of course there's voter fraud!"

"Is there vote fraud taking place?" Question starts at about 17:22.

Doug Wead responds at 17:52:

"Of course there's voter fraud, lol..."


Um, like...duh. As if we didn't already know it. Thank you, Doug Wead for being so honest and frank about it. But I must admit and be honest how I was wearing the rose colored glasses thinking the GOP would actually conduct an honest electoin.

They won't let Ron win the pre-trial race no matter how well he performs before Tampa. But didn't we all already know this deep down? Ron Paul lost the piggy pageants...so what!

Piggy pageants do NOT matter, and we all know it...but we want, crave, and desire MSM recognition. We want it, but we don't NEED it. We want to be seen as the most beautiful....problem is, Ron's not a pig.

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So...where is the paid staff's "EXIT POLLING?"

We kept hearing after the most blatant fraud so far (Maine) that the paid campaign would begin to do voter-verification exit polling, and when those results should PROVE FRAUD that we would hear about it, and that attempts (at least) would be made to get the whore mainstream media to report that.

Still holding my breath Doug....

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well, of course there's voter

well, of course there's voter fraud since the groups of observers are overseas "watching" Russia or Egypt to have fair elections.

not even funny how MSM was accusing Putin of fraudulent elections while absolutely ignoring what was happening in Iowa, Ohio, etc.

I hope they've been

gathering evidence...