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Rise Against Tyranny!

I have started a group in response to the Kony issue and my arguement is..why are so many people supporting this organization going after overseas tyrants when we have our own to worry about in America! As a Ron Paul supporter (and that will never change) i propose we reach out to the millions of people who support the kony 2012 movement and get them into something more important. A rise against tyranny. my group is called "Rise against Tyranny" and would appreciate any help and support i could get in reaching out to these people, we look at the kony story and say whats the big deal? Obama is worse than this guy. Unaware people look at it and say OH MY GOD THIS IS TERRIBLE! Supporting Ron Paul on the page is recommended but Supporting a rise against the entire establishment is crucial, any points you would like to make can be discussed and that is encouraged please click the link provided below join the group and share, this is for all of us and ultimately Ron Paul as awareness needs to increase. the bigger the better!


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