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Sign Ron Paul's Carry On Pledge!

Check your email account for wonderful news from Dr. Paul.

If you have not received anything from the campaign in Doc's name, click and sign the pledge linked below. Show Dr. Paul we are still with him to the end!


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Cool! Pledge to keep doing

Cool! Pledge to keep doing all the work for his campaign so they can keep screwing it up by focusing on college studnets who are for him anyway and don't vote! And then wondering why in every state, his numbers drop to the single digits in all the other age groups.

How about HE pledges to stop having worthless flashy rallies just to say "Look how many people came!" when they are resulting in no votes? How about he realizes that 300 people showing up for a small venue Q&A session with Mitt Romney results in more votes than 1000 college kids at a Ron Paul rally?

This guy created his account.

6 hrs ago.. Must be a Romney supporter..

Having read a few of your comment here today,

I have yet to see anything that is not negative. In fact, they were so bad that I had to wonder if you've lost heart. Then I discovered you have been posting comments a lot in the few hours you've been a member here.

Save yourself the time and trouble. You will convince no one here to change their support. It is only a matter of time before the community smells you out.

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