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Mitt Romney Just Jinxed Himself


Romney's campaign wants everyone to know how far along he is in the delegate race, saying it would take an "Act of God" for one of the other candidates to win.

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Apparently, Romney knows God is not on his side...

so anyone who thinks he is a bit better than the other candidates needs to rethink why they are fooling themselves.

at least 'god' works for the other candidates, as romney admitted.



We an "ACT OF GOD" to help us fight this ACT OF FRAUD!

Well Mittens, then by 'logic' of your Proclamation, WHEN Dr.Paul

WINS, you must kiss his feet, as it MUST be an act of God!!!


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I pray Romney doesn't become the nominee.

I could vote for Santorum if he would assure America that he would get Congress' approval before going to war. But Romney would be a lot harder. That business with him hitting up Congress and even the Department of Education for the Olympics and then acting in the debate as if he didn't solicit any more funds than any other Olympics season got pretty much turned me off to Romney indefinitely.

You will always get down votes

if you mention voting for anyone but Paul. Despite what all the down voters think, you are right that Santorum is way better than Romney. It makes my skin crawl to think of Romney as president. The ones here who really hate Santorum are the liberal converts who have declared that if Paul doesn't get the nod then they will vote for Obama. So don't let the down votes bother you.


really loathe Santorum...am NOT a liberal convert...and AM voting for ONLY Ron Paul, even if I have to write him in.
We are all individuals...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

They can go step on their lip in a corner

for all I care. I'm not willing to help Obama get reelected (unless maybe if Romney is the nominee).

Apparently you are new...

Apparently you are new... both to DP as well as Faith?!

What is this media nonsense about you trying to find the lesser of evils?? 'Perish the thought' and 'wash your mouth out with soap'!

Here, we pray for Dr. Paul to win soon! And big... not just to win!!

It is only a matter of time before the truth about our delegate win becomes mainstream. Then the GOP might try to split the party... but I am not the least worried about that!

For the PTB to try to split a party which is so small already compared to the independents, which in some states numbers as many as 60%, would simply point out their lack of relevance, and signal their end!

O yes... Paul would win anyway... in a landslide!

Focus on the work at hand!

You can't be serious

Santorum said it made him throw up when he heard JFK speaking about the seperation between church and state! He has been itching to bomb Iran for years. He is an outspoken Christ-facist. I mean, Romney almost certainly is too, but at least he has the decency to not tell us. He has already voted for big gov't spending, and anti-liberty policy at a national level. Again, I'm 99% sure Mitt would vote for the same things, but at least I can't be absolutely certain of it.

I see Santorum is a lot more

sincere than Romney. Romney will say and do anything he has to do to get elected. I haven't seen Santorum doing that. If Romney were to get the nom and promise to only go to war with a declaration, I wouldn't believe him. I think if Santorum were the nominee and Dr. Paul had enough delegates to force him to compromise, I think Santorum would keep his word. As far as the JFK comment, why would that bother you? That's mainly an issue of semantics.

If you are going just based

If you are going just based on integrity, then you are right Santorum has a lot more of it than Romney.

Romney is pretty much bottom of the barrel. He wants to be president so he can be president. He's in it for his own glory (and to redeem his dad's efforts). You have no idea what Romney will do once in office. He has no principles.

Santorum is not a good choice, but at least he doesn't pander and you know where he stands.

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That's the act

of God I'm looking for! Except i'm not voting for anyone but Paul.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Kinda like..... not even God

Kinda like..... not even God him self could sink this ship (titanic)

I thought of Titanic too!

Did Romney just basically "dared" God?

Also, yes, that just proved he's been on this campaign accompanied by money, greed, and NOT God.

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
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the Titanic...my thoughts exactly.

Expose EVIL and Liberty Reigns.
Patience my friends, the other shoe has got to drop.

I actually think God is on our side.


"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

I wonder ...

which god he is referring to...?

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

Like bragging how long it's been since you got a speeding ticket

(don't do it!)

haha or how Newt came out and proclaimed

"I will be the nominee". Then not so much?

then so be it

One Act of God and a ton of Paulbots on the side.

as I told them at our state caucus

When they are ready to come, we welcome them with open arms but we're not going ANYWHERE!