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Most Important Right Now : Precinct Delegates Follow Through To The Next Delegate Round Click For Details

We are being bombarded from all sides by media spin & lies, GOP spin & lies telling people to give up, RP cant win, etc. They dont want you to attend the next round of Delegate Meetings. Ron Paul Delegates, follow through to the next round. If you get approached by your local GOP, (like my local GOP chair, a Romney supporter, approached me) to "cut a deal" for delegates, dont do anything until you talk with your RP Campaign Headquarters or a RP supporter who understands the process (perhaps that is you). I will cut NO DEALS with the Romney supporters or any other candidates supporters for delegates unless they are putting their weight behind Ron Paul. NO DEALS. The point is? You Delegates need to stay the course to the next round. This is what we have been working for. If you dont understand what to do next, contact someone who does..RP Headquarters in your area, or a RP supporter. Make sure you understand the dates/location of your District County &/or State delegate meetings. Most, if not all caucus states, there will be RP pre-caucus meetings (for RP delegates) to understand what to do next. This is the most important thing you as a delegate can do now is to know where to go, when to go, what to do when you go, and make sure you go to the next round of delegate meetings where we send our people to the next level! Write it down, tatoo it on your arm, do whatever it takes to get there. The meetings are not long & this is the greatest thing you have the power to acheive for the cause of liberty & RP 2012. You committed delegates, help get the other (perhaps less politically inclined) people out to the next round of delegate meetings.

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March 17th is County Caucus day for everyone in Missouri except

St. Louis County and city. I will be there as a delegate. We have a coalition of about 20 or so delegates and alternates and roughly 3 times as many supporters. I am in Lincoln County,MO. We won our County caucus in 2008, so I'm hoping for the best in 2012 into the CD Convention.

Call your RP state coordinator or state campaign HQ.....

...if you do not know where to go or what to do.

The local conventions are CRUCIAL. Unless you are in the hospital or attending to the imminent death of a loved one YOU NEED TO BE THERE IF YOU ARE A DELEGATE.

This is it. Our opponents turnout will not be 100%. Ours MUST BE 100%. That's another way to pick up even more delegates at the next level.

CALL your STATE CAMPAIGN HQ or CAMPAIGN STATE COORDINATOR if you don't know where to go or what to do.

If you have a fee you cannot pay, pay it and other RP supporters will chip in to help you once you are there.

Iowa County Conventions THIS

Iowa County Conventions THIS SATURDAY. It's important we get as many of our delegates through to the State Convention. http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P12/IA-R#0310


This Post needs to be put on the left side as it is so important

Thank you for an excellent post! I hope the powers that be on the Daily Paul put this post on the left hand side of the page so that it can help the delegates with good logical information on how to proceed. Gee, it's really hard to get to your destination unless you know the directions-Right!!!!!


this s all important

this s so true, but the fact s we are right there with delegates.

.. again

.. again

i'm excited to be a precinct

i'm excited to be a precinct delegate about to go to county convention in Atlanta. This is my first time involved in the process and there is no shortage of organization and information.

Me too!

State & District Assemblies in my state are next month.



Needs to be seen. Bump

Needs to be seen. Bump

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

sorry for the self bump but

people need to understand the impact of precinct delegates going to the next round for RP.

james williams