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This is how we win: March 31th DAY OF ACTION

Please read. March 31th will be WAKE UP THE NATION day.

We're all excited about this campaign, and we're all fairly optimistic- but at this point we need to do something to shake the whole country. Everyone else is asleep- people don't understand liberty. Let's WAKE THEM UP. It's not enough for people to just hear about Ron Paul- we need to make his name so popular and so familiar that people actually research him.
WE NEED TO SAVE THIS COUNTRY. We see the direction it's headed. We NEED to shake the establishment. I'm tired of watching the neocons win. The country MUST wake up to our REVOLUTION.

The good doctor has been fighting for us for more than 40 years. Now it's our turn to fight for him.

HERE'S THE PLAN: I hereby declare Saturday, March 31th (about 1 week away) the RON PAUL DAY OF ACTION. There are hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters in this country. We will need them all to help shake this nation on March 31th. All our campaigning will come down to MARCH 31th. We'll arrange interviews, we'll pass out fliers, we'll sign bomb, we'll march, we'll make calls, we'll post on twitter and facebook, we'll email our friends, we'll call our senators, we'll have a grassroots moneybomb, we'll do EVERYTHING we can to wake up the country to Dr. Paul that day.

This is it. This is the GRASSROOTS movement that the country needs. Why wait any longer? On March 31th- the revolution will make a movement stronger than anything known to this country. We won't just shake the political world, but we'll shake the whole nation. March 31th- Every single person in this country will hear the name of Ron Paul.

In the streets: We'll have sign bombs and marches across the country. We'll put banners up on overpasses and we'll rent out billboard advertisement. People everywhere will wear Ron Paul tshirts, buttons, and hats. We'll have tables set up and supporters out campaigning in every major city. We'll have fliers and stickers and posters. We'll need supporters from all over to go door to door as well.

Online: EVERY supporter will need to update their facebook and twitter to a Dr. Paul quote or fact. On youtube, we'll get EVERY supporter to upload a personal video endorsing Dr. Paul. We'll make our social website profile pictures Dr. Paul. We'll post on our blogs, forums, and every website we can. NO ONE will be able to go online without seeing RON PAUL 2012 multiple times. We need website admins to put r3VOLution banners on their site headers as well.

In the media: We'll write letters to editors and newspapers and news stations. We'll petition news hosts and talk show hosts to speak about Dr. Paul. We'll arrange radio and tv interviews with supporters across the nation.

We'll be on the phones (phone banks and phone from home) and we'll be at school and at work, but ALL day we'll be converting people to RON PAUL. March 31th: Mark your calendars. Our message will get out. But we need EVERYONE. We need EVERY supporter of liberty to take action that day. This could change the course of this election for good. It's time that the grassroots took ACTION.

Questions or comments? Want to help out? I need people to help distribute fliers and banners and to organize sign bombs etc etc. THIS NEEDS TO TAKE OFF. email Thomas at ronpauldayofaction@gmail.com. I'm also planning on making a video and a website to get this idea out to supporters as well. Let me know what you guys think... is there a better date to do this on?

EDIT: I've changed the date from March 17th to March 31st.

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We need some

pictures of alarm clocks ;-)

Just in time for the new COMPARISON CHART Flyers for CHRISTIANS

I finished another one. This version was made especially for CHRISTIAN voters. Like previous versions, it compares Ron Paul to the other candidates on the issues.

FREE DOWNLOAD of ALL current versions & PRINT them out (TIFF images and PDFs) http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3


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For this to occur, someone

For this to occur, someone with good connections with the campaing needs to address it. This take coordination and permits and all sorts of other crap that like some people have mentioned already. Good idea though.

Spread the Truth!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos


In light of KONY, Do it, this is something that can be done, But of course we, unlike Kony, will have no help from Celebs or the Media.

How To Become An American Extremist In Style!

Here is a short essay I've been sending to people by way of a wake up call: http://www.alt-market.com/articles/621-how-to-become-an-amer...

It does not talk about Dr. Paul per se but many have found it thought provoking.

Civis mundi sum; nihil est alienum mihi.

Please update your post with this:

In the streets:
Its very important to inform the people informationaly. Signs are great but dont deliver much information..

We need to inform the sleeping masses that rely solely on the mass media that blacks out Ron Paul or spins his message.
If every Paul supporter prints some hundred and puts them in their neighbourhood then we multiply our chances to win the nomination!

These flyers are all free to print:
http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3 <- all versions that are available.
- Including flyers geared towards 50+ generation.(If you know a place or neighbourhood with retirees where they might have an impact)

good point

people know who Ron Paul is, they are just misinformed about him

Mar 17 - St Patrick's Day

Not sure if the drunken revelry will be a good audience for serious political messages ;), but I do know that RP supporters will be participating in Chicago's big St Pat's parade, as well as other parades in IL. (It's just 3 days before our primary)

Do you think there'd be a better day to do it?

I could change the date... we really need a day when EVERY supporter can really make this happen. if just a few of us do it, it wont really shake the country...

I'm working a 12 hr shift that day

but I'll find a couple hours to do this! I'm in

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

I'm in...

I do that almost everyday, but I'll campaign all day March 17th. I still have some literature left over from my pre-super Tuesday batch.

SPC Haas
82nd Airborne Infantry Division
2/504 P.I.R.

Ron E(a)RNEST Paul
truth is his middle name!

what if

we all did this? what could happen? what if?

There is no what if anymore

There is only doing now..Let's go get our country back ladies and gents..and I'm proud to have you guys by my side in this battle for all that is just and right..

Good point! I need help

Good point! I need help spreading around this idea! We're already running out of time! We need EVERY supporter if we want to make it happen.