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Romney likes Grits: Awkward attempt to pander in the South


Absolutely CRINGE WORTHY!! You almost feel sorry for the cluless guy.

Reminds me of:


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He needs to go down south with

a six shooter on his hip, a 6 pack of Bud, and a chaw of Red Man in his jaw.

I like turtles!

Took me a moment to connect the "I like turtles" Zombie kid to "I like Grits" from Zombie Mitt.

A lot of Southern Republicans

have no more regional, cultural identity than anyone else. When Southern kids are taught from the time they can read that their grandparents and all their ancestors before them were all a bunch of viscous racists who all whipped blacks and hung them from trees for sport, there's not much regional pride/identity left by the time they graduate from high school. Less than 15% of the population votes in primaries any more and 1/4 of them are transplanted Northerners. So, it's not hard to see why no one pays any attention to Dr. Paul down here, but a pandering charlatan like Romney can draw a decent crowd of country clubbers.

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Where are the pics?

Where are the pictures of Romney eating "grits"?
That sounds like one "fish story" to me.
Does he also like "cheese grits"?
Next, He'll be saying he likes "chit'lins" (yuck).

Most people who did not grow up eating grits, do not like them. It's sorta like "boiled" peanuts, those that did not grow up eating them usually don't care for them. Non-natives say they taste like "potatoes".

That was one "fake" YA'LL...Just like MITT.
MITT is totally fake, all fluff.

My husband's a Yankee

and he has trouble with some of my food "quirks" - after 15 years of marriage he still can't watch me eat buttermilk and cornbread. The first time he had boiled peanuts we were at Lake Lanier and he thought they were wet because they were dropped in the Lake. Bahaha! He's learned to love collards but grits still aren't his favorite.

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I don't care for Grits

but I don't care for Romney.

People in the deep south go to a Romney rally and take a bowl of Grits with you. :)

I wouldn't waste a good bowl of grits

dumping it on that turd.

BTW.. Pandering like that from a Northerner using "grits" is fighting words where I came from. :)

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He Sux

This is his lame attempt to make us believe he is one of us and will go down about as well as his "Who let the dogs out" moment in 08

If I were a Romney supporter I'd be sooooo proud of him right now! (Sarcasm)
Fing Idiots - all of them

..I did however laugh my ass off (at both performances)

"The Universe may not always play fair but at least it's got a sense of humor" ;) - Michael Patrick King

Do you know what else Mitt likes?........

Green egg's and Ham..

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

So? And you feel sorry for


And you feel sorry for the one who is winning by a landslide?

He'll also lose

By a LANDSLIDE to Obama. There's NO PATH TO VICTORY for the GOP if it isn't Ron Paul. The GOP knows it, Romney knows it, Obama and the dems know it, only the idiot Romney supporters don't...

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I would consider paying cash to watch him eat grits. Lol


Pretty sure Mitt rolled of

Pretty sure Mitt rolled off the same assembly line as the Lucy Liu bot.


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This is what I heard: "He's teaching me to say 'Y'all,' 'I like grits,' 'strange things are happening to me.'"

I'm sure I got it wrong, that there is a comma after "y'all" and no '' around "I like grits" and "strange things are happening to me," but that was my first sincere impression.

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Couldn't understand .


Romney has no flavor of his

Romney has no flavor of his own so he takes on whatever the prevailing flavor is in whatever part of the country he happens to be in.

Romney's like a chicken in more ways than one...


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I honestly..

..didn't think it was that awkward. *shrugs*

I like grits too, but I won't vote for Romney

Here are the main reasons why I will not vote for the other candidates:

Romney - Draft dodger, pro-war, anti-freedom, big spender
Gingrich - Draft dodger, pro-war, anti-freedom, big spender
Santorum - Pro-war, anti-freedom, big spender

Deo Vindice!


(The Hominy of) Girls Raised In The South

It reminds me of

It reminds me of this...


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"Yall's grits are just the right height"


Let us not forget...

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Yes, every this man panders... err... uh... I mean speaks, I have to cringe.


Not as bad as Hillary's, but still insulting, as if we couldn't smell a Massachusetts Yankee a mile away.

I feel a video comin' on :)

Rza - Grits


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Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
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I like lamp


We know, we know, he's never ate them but

he has friends who own grits factories.

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