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Will Ron Paul Invite Mitt Romney To Be His Vice President?

Conservative Americans DO NOT WANT Mitt Romney. That’s pretty darn obvious. He spends a fortune trying to convince voters, gets a generous amount of media time to express his message, and still can’t seem to inspire the Republican base, even when he’s running against the likes of crooked party hacks Santorum and Gingrich, or against that other guy – the Congressman from Texas who seldom gets mentioned in the media. Against opponents like that, the out-of-touch punditry have long expected that Super Tuesday 2012 would be the coronation of Mitt Romney.

In the era of the Tea Party, Mitt Romney is simply too big of a statist and is too inconsistent with his views to sew up the nomination or the presidency. Does he like gun control (as past action has shown) or does he like the Second Amendment (as his current rhetoric is demonstrating)? Does he want national healthcare (as past action has shown) or is he against government healthcare (as his current rhetoric is mostly demonstrating)? Is he against the concept of the free market (as past action has shown) or is he in favor of a free market (as his current rhetoric is occasionally demonstrating)?

Republicans clearly do not want Mitt Romney as a president, but we’re still only 8 weeks into this 8 month long nominating contest and perhaps they’ll take a liking to the number two man in the delegate count – Ron Paul when they come to realize what a chance they have at choosing a principled candidate who can succeed at winning the White House. He has the second largest fundraising apparatus of the candidates, has the largest volunteer army, appeals to the swing voter, appeals to the youth, appeals to activists, gives the angry ex-Obama voters on the left a safe home, attracts independents, Greens, and Democrats, grows the party, and has a record of winning 12 elections in the conservative south, all of which nearly ensure that his nomination would bring about a Republican win in November.

The Adversarial VP

"But why," you might ask, "would Ron Paul want Mitt Romney, a soon-to-be washed up politician, as his running mate?" Well, because Ron Paul, a fan of the wisdom of the founding fathers, might appreciate the pre-1804 thinking of having a man who is his biggest opponent as his vice president. The idea was encouraged in the U.S. Constitution Article 1, section 2 before it was altered by the 12th Amendment. Jefferson, for example, was the vice president to Adams. Boy did those two not get along. They had some fundamental differences of opinion.

Mitt Romney is a saboteur within the Republican Party – a man who pretends to be conservative, while so effectively being a statist. He would leave our country spread thin and defenseless by entering into another war and impoverishing our country for the sake of pumping up our national ego and, more importantly, his own ego. Mitt Romney would swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution that he would not uphold. He would continue the horrible Bush record of deficit spending, bigger government, and high federal tax rates. He would continue the dismantling of our civil liberties and economic liberties. He would support more huge bailouts. He would not stand against the Federal Reserve Bank.

Candidate Romney, described above, is almost the opposite of Ron Paul who is strong on national defense, strong on veterans, strong on the economy, tough on government spending and taxation, a strong adherent to the wisdom of constitutional government.

As you read this, Mitt Romney might be sitting somewhere looking over the Super Tuesday returns, saying to himself "Ron Paul’s so into the Constitution that he might follow in this tradition of the adversarial vice president that the founding father’s began." I doubt Ron Paul’s thinking that, but Mitt Romney when listening to Ron Paul speak about Mises and Keynes in those pre-debate green room discussions probably says to himself repeatedly "Is it time to ask him yet?" Because Ron Paul is starting to look like Mitt Romney’s last hope – Romney either becomes VP to Paul, riding the septuagenarian’s coattails for a term before running again himself, or Romney never again gets a chance to become the president.

Unelectable Mitt

The elections of 1976, 1980, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008 have shown that an uninspiring and merely tolerable candidate like Romney fares poorly in general elections, especially when paired against a candidate who knows how to inspire his base.

It’s time for leaders in the Republican Party to face the facts and to start asking Mitt Romney this important question – if the Republican voters don’t actually want him and if he is likely to be unelectable, would Mitt Romney be willing to step down and throw his support behind Ron Paul in hopes that Ron Paul would consider having Mitt Romney serve as the 48th vice president of the U.S.?

Mitt Romney understands that such a move would help bring unity to a splintered party, and that a Ron Paul candidacy would flank Obama on the wars and civil liberties in the run-up to the election, would eliminate the divisive talk on social issues, and would give Republicans the best chance at a win. It’s time for Mitt Romney to make that phone call to Ron Paul and to tell him that in exchange for being Paul’s vice presidential choice, Ron Paul will get Mitt Romney’s full support.

I’m not sure Ron Paul will accept the offer, but it’s a good place to begin the discussion.

Allan Stevo is a writer from Chicago – author of the #1 Best Selling Book at LewRockwell.com for the month of February, the recently released How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012, a book on how Ron Paul supporters can secure the GOP nomination and with certainty deliver a presidential win for Ron Paul in 2012.

This piece first appeared at LewRockwell.com.

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The assassination attempts

on Doctor Paul would be through the roof...Mittens is next in line as the VP and with him as the top dog, all of Paul's platform are gone and out the window at that point.




Will I vomit at the thought

Yes, thank god its just another dirty tactic to even bring up this subject.


it would be suicidal

literally. What a horrific idea.

To take down Obama? I say anything goes.

Romney even if a Cabinet Secretary, would make a welcome fit with the Judge.

Reason to utilize Romney? He'll get "all" the voters left, right & center. And Obama will be cornered...because we'll get what we wanted.

The abolishment of the Federal Reserve!!

No F------ way

Its like saying Liberty is synonymous with Tyranny

It seems like it would be a "nice" thing to do, BUT HELL NO!!!

Judge Napolitano has already been mentioned by Dr. Paul. And Romney could not match the sly debating demagougery of Joe Biden. But I would put Judge Napolitano up against anyone in Washington or anywhere else for that matter.Besides Dr. Paul, no other nationally known figure would fight with diligence for our individual liberties.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Ask President Paul to take a bullet for Romney?

Because that is what he'd be doing and Romney would slide into place. I think JFK tried that tactic with LBJ and that ended badly for him. The General was outspoken in the beginning but soon folded. I think he'd (Paul) be facing the same outcome with any of the status quo "managable" fellow candidates so it pretty much has to be someone with conviction and character from outside. I only see the Judge. It wouldn't pull as many votes but wtf, his record would stand up to scrutiny.

Paul/Napolitano 2012

Has a nice ring to it, huh?

PS voted you plus because generally, it was quite a good article.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

Ron Paul Is Not Stupid

Give me the Judge


If we wanted a sure win over Obama,

In a general election WE NEED to reach out to another branch of the GOP, which is neocon, big business or evangelical.

I'd put General Wesley Clark in as V.P. General Clark was aware of the Neo-Con PNAC plan several years ago and spoke out about it. He is a centrist with no neo-con connections.

Realistically, there are different strategies in a general:
Southern strategy VP: Gingrich, Santorum, Huckabee
Populist strategy VP: Christie, General Clark
Minority strategy VP: Rubio

Romney would be great for R.P. in that he has experience in cutting and downsizing. That would be a handy talent in a Ron Paul presidency. On the down side Romney would de-motivate GOP voters whether he's P or VP. I honestly think Romney would be a poor choice and he and Dr. Paul are strong in the same states.

Think he should quit & support Paul but...

...someone wasn't thinking about...AFTER RON HE WOULD HAVE 1ST DIBS AT BEING NEXT PRESIDENT! We don't want that! We need someone as V.P. who stands for the Constitution like Ron does! One must think clearly on that matter! Enough said!?


Of course not!

Carl, 15, Pennsylvania

I like music and coffee and the internet.

Ron Paul 2012.

"Washington D.C is home to more terrorists than the entire Middle East combined."

It's an insult

To put these two in the same sentence nevermind the same Admin. Please stop it.

Keepin' it real.


Mitt Romney is a big Government war-mongering d-bag. Ron Paul would not sell himself out like this.

Carl, 15, Pennsylvania

I like music and coffee and the internet.

Ron Paul 2012.

"Washington D.C is home to more terrorists than the entire Middle East combined."

Linda Cross's picture

I think you are being sarcastic.

I also think that those voting down your post are acting like congressmen. They don't read before they vote. Giving it a +.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Maybe his ask him to dinner

Maybe his ask him to dinner and they can eat Cheezy Grits, since Romney said he liked them when speaking in the south.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

If this is what it takes to

If this is what it takes to make Ron Paul the next POTUS, let Romney become the next Dan Quayle for all I care.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Too Risky

I don't want a bullet separating Mittens from the presidency. It's the same reason Obama didn't make Hillary his running mate. Besides, Romney would just drag down the ticket and hurt Ron's chances of winning. Maybe they could offer him a cabinet position. Is there such a thing as secretary of waffles?

I like waffles

Then who will be the secretary of milktoast?


And the Obammunist is nuts if he asks Hillary to be the VP candidate.

Is the GOP ready to get behind Ron Paul? This is the real

question. I always have and must always continue supporting with a clear conscience. I could never put support into something I don't believe.

Yeah they will because it's Paul or Nobama

anybody but Nobama could be the man in the moon as long as it's not barry


Remember Ronald Reagan? The

Remember Ronald Reagan? The GOP didn't like him either.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Dr. Ron Paul will never invite Mitt Romney to be VP.

However if Dr. Ron Paul, doesn't get the 1144 delegate necessary to win the presidential nomination outright, then the establishment choses the vice president. If for example Dr. Ron Paul has only 1000 delegates then the delegates go and have a brokered convention. They would make Dr. Ron Paul the presidential candidate and then decide who would be the vice president on the ticket. Sorry to say, but those are the rules.

Wait a minute!

Surely the delegates, not "the establishment," will choose the VP. And the same delegates who vote for Ron Paul are not likely to accept some neocon bankster-stooge for VP.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Depends on where most of the pressure comes from us or them.

You don't think the "establishment" will be trying to get delegates to swing their votes the way they want? It will be a big fight and a lot of negotiating will be taking place. Why I have posted many times that all of us should be making reservations to go to Tampa. The delegates will be persuaded by number of supporters they see inside the convention center and outside. All supporters of Dr. Ron Paul must be there and be on their best behavior setting an example. After the vote they can party.

Wait a minute

If Ron Paul gets 1000 delegates why wouldn't the rounds of voting continue? There have been instances of over 30 rounds of voting to arrive at a candidate in the past. Explain yourself.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

How it has worked in the past.

Just have to wait and see, but I want to stress the importance of getting over 1144 delegates. It will be a big fight and a lot of negotiating will be taking place. Why I have posted many times that all of us should be making reservations to go to Tampa. The delegates will be persuaded by number of supporters they see inside the convention center and outside. All supporters of Dr. Ron Paul must be there and be on their best behavior setting an example. After the vote they can party.

It would make more sense for Dr. Paul to . . .

find someone from another 'party' who isn't funded by the big banks--

Romney isn't a viable candidate for that reason. There are other liberty lovers who have different perspectives from Paul; most of them are not warmongers--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Or Ron Paul could just

put a gun to his own head, blow out his brains, and save the banksters, Mafia, Mossad, CIA and various "defense" industries the trouble of having him assassinated before he even takes the oath of office. Ron Paul favors liberty and peace among nations. Mitt Romney and his supporters wish to keep us enslaved to the Federal Reserve/fiat money racket, and to keep the cogwheels of the military/industrial complex well lubricated with blood. With Romney standing as VP, Paul's life expectancy could be measured in days, not years.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Ditto! And well said!

Neither Romney as VP nor Paul as VP. It's RP for President or nothing. No compromises. Period.



Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.