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Christie Goes Off Like a Rocket When Veteran Constituent Questions Plans For Combining Colleges (Youtube)

Barry Secrest

I know everybody just loves it when Christie goes off on some feckless Liberal or Union school teacher and I actually do too, sometimes, dependent upon the situation. And yet, I can't quite figure out why he went off on this kid, who is also a Veteran, the way he did, and why many seem to be celebrating it like it's the second coming.

Think about it, what if Obama went off on a Conservative asking a simple question, calling the man an idiot and all, the way Christie did here.

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is there an unedited version

is there an unedited version of this video somewhere? Just curious what the man asked that prompted such a response.

all the right-wing pundits...

...want some kind of Christie/Rand Paul ticket for 2016...thus...they want Romney nominated as this election season's Bob Dole!!!

It's a RUSE! "damn, man! I'm governor! Can you just shut up for a second!" really??? talk about putting on a show!

See; when insulted by someone attempting to "put on a show" - this response seemed much more Statesman-like, and NOT condescending ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kioYYYvHMRs

We support what is morally and fiscally RIGHT, not who we think can win!!!

And 2012 is what concerns us - NOT 2016!!!

He Deserves Credit For Reigning In Spending

But he is clearly a "career politician" who too often acts in his own self-interest rather than in the interest of his constituency.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

This Was Posted on Yahoo and I read he was a Navy Seal and

going to college. As you can see it has been edited and so we really do not know what the exchange of words were. Unprofessional of Governor to call him an idiot and than tell him he should shut up because he is the governor. I don't think I care for this Christie guy and he may run as president in the near future?