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2012 GOP County Convention

I just got back from my first ever Mass Precinct and County Convention. I had to post about this! We Ron Paul supporters showed up and challenged each of their proposed delegates. We got all but one of the delegates to the District Convention and all of the Alternates. And we got 7 out of the 12 delegates to the State Convention and 7 out of the 12 alternates. The District Convention selects 42 out of the 72 delegates in Georgia (and Georgia has the 5th most delegates at the National Convention). The establishment there was flabbergasted! If this is happening here in the deep south in a state where Dr. Paul didn't do so well in the straw vote, this has to be going on all over the country. So, all you states that haven't voted yet, get us a brokered convention and we can nominate Dr. Paul!

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for all you Georgia delegates

Wow great job, make sure that the bounding of delegates is a state law or GOP rule, if it's just a rule vote the way you want, the only thing they can do is throw you out of the party after the Republiscam National Convention, but the vote still goes to Paul. Ha ha ha ha...

OK, looked into it. We ARE

OK, looked into it. We ARE bound by state law. If we violate that, we are guilty of perjury which is a felony. However, the bulk of Georgia's delegates are going to Gingrich. And those of us bound to Gingrich will become unbound on the second ballot if Gingrich gains less than 35% of the vote on the first ballot (but the ones pledged to Romney, for example, will likely remain bound to Romney on the second ballot). Also, if a candidate withdraws (which is a possibility with Gingrich) then all of his delegates become unbound. Bottom line is, let's continue becoming delegates and let's force a brokered convention.

Well, if election fraud

Well, if election fraud doesn't break state law, then.....

Went to my first meeting

Went to my first meeting today here in oklahoma and it happened to be the delegate selection meeting, so few people were there from different precincts that they made a motion to select all the county and possible state delegates right then. Out of possible 22 positions only about 11 including myself signed up giving us all double votes at the next county convention. If you have not been to a meeting go and check it out and get yourself in a position to go to the convention or help send someone you know is a Paul supporter to the National convention. From what i could see almost no one wanted to commit to taking the time and effort to even go to the county convention, and i met 3 of our candidate for congress and got info on the others so I don't blindly vote for some clown when the time comes. Wake up and lets take the power back and give it to the people. Moral of the story is its just a room full of super old people saying prayers and repeating rhetoric its time for us to take this party over and build a future for our children and country.

Get the message already!!!

When are the neo-cons going to realize they need to leave the GOP and either go over to the Democratic Party or form their own party? The GOP belongs to the R3volution.

My Caucus meeting

is on March 15th and I am going and running for County and State Delegate I already have 3 votes for sure :)

Nice Job today.

Update!!!! I am now up to about 8 votes, The last time this went on I heard there was 12 people there, so In theory I have a good chance to win county and state delegate....Chocolate chip cookies go along way :)

Just got back from the Cobb

Just got back from the Cobb county convention, and all I have to say is wow. If you weren't a believer that elections are being stolen from Ron Paul before this, you will after witnessing what we witnessed. I am disgusted with the Cobb County GOP. We got video of the entire mess, those will be posted as soon as we can get the vids in order.

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

Absolutely share it! Send it

Absolutely share it! Send it to the state GOP and let them know you will make a big stink with the RNC if necessary. Georgia doesn't want bad publicity and they don't want to lose any of their delegates.

That would be like

asking Hitler to investigate what happened in Auschwitz.

I agree, but we can pressure

I agree, but we can pressure the RNC with bad publicity. I don't know what else to do beyond that. Just share the vids and make them go viral.

Yes agree 100%

and become a delegate.

Cobb GOP, how the fraud works

Bit of important points: When we tried to get the paper ballots, he ignored us. The motion near the end was to supplement/change the list of delegates created by the state. This count was obviously wrong; we obviously had the majority.


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One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

Bump Di Bump Bump

Gotta keep this momentum!!!

Those who refuse to participate in politics end up being governed by their inferiors.

Wait what!!!!

I thought Georgia was a primary?? Why are you guys picking your state delegates at conventions? This is awesome!

Yes sir! We will be bound by

Yes sir! We will be bound by law to vote for whomever they tell us to vote for on the first two ballots, but we are free to vote our conscience after that. That's why we need this thing to be brokered!

Is it a "real" law

or a GOP law?

Good question! I will ask my

Good question! I will ask my county coordinator. We will find out. I don't think anyone knows what the penalty would be for voting against the person they tell us to vote for.

When you find out please share

Maybe we could win already in the first round....

It's a felony. We won't

It's a felony. We won't likely win on the first ballot, but after the second or third all bets are off. Just make sure Romney doesn't get 1,144.


For excitement and Ron Paul!

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well done. my town i think

well done. my town i think should have a nice little showing up. we had a good few in 08

wow really? so its really happening? makes me happy :)

They win the beauty contests and we win the delegates.
This is great news.
Do you have information about other countys?

maybe hand out and place these free flyers so some delegates may move towards Paul:

These flyers are all free to print:

Once people know what the Dr. stands for without the media spinning his message he wins their minds and hearts!

Why I think we need to use these flyers now to take over the race for nomination!

I don't know about the other

I don't know about the other counties. But I will definitely share these flyers with people I'm in contact with. I think it's a really good idea.

Go ahead and downvote me, but

Go ahead and downvote me, but do you really have to post the links to those flyers on every thread, especially ones that are completely unrelated? Maybe you should get a hold of the admins and see if they can put your thread for the flyers on the front page so all see it.

I up voted you too and I post

I up voted you too and I post those links as much as I can to get the word out. I do try to focus on letting delegates know about them because swaying non paul delegates is most important. My apologies for this annoying habit since I'm the one that got it started, but I'm just serious about getting people to notice these.

I upvoted you :P

No need to downvote all my posts everywhere now ;)
yeah I post them everywhere cause they make a bigger difference then discussing unrelated topics that dont help winning the nomination.(ef kony..)

and I stayed on topic. The opponent delegates are partly not 100% sure about their choice and I wanted to give the people in contact with them the opportunity to have something on hand...

whatever if it doesnt help and does the opposite I will stop it..

So encouraging! Thanks for taking the

time to post and for your hard work! Reading posts like yours is truly energizing!

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This is what people need to hear

We can't flag now - things are going to look very very different when the delegate totals start to filter in. It's going to be very hard to spin Santorum with his pitiful number of delegates.

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