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Major County Oklahoma County Convention

Had a good turnout at the Major County GOP convention here in Oklahoma, about 30 people showed up. Major county is a rural county in northwest Oklahoma. At least 5 identified themselves as Ron Paul supporters. There were many neo-cons in attendance, however I was able to become the county representative to the state convention for the platform committee, and a member of the delegation to the state convention along with several of the other Ron Paul supporters. The group goes as an open delegation and divides our 7 votes up according to the votes of whoever decides to go. So if 21 people go, each person gets 1/3 of a vote. There should be several Ron Paul supporters going as part of that delegation so Ron Paul will surely get a good share of our delegates!

We passed a few platform resolutions, one of which using the recent statements by Panetta to persuade a room full of neo-cons to pass a party platform resolution reaffirming that our military can only be deployed by a constitutional declaration of war by the Congress.

We also passed a resolution in support of Rep. Charles Key's HB 1004 "Open Government in the Oklahoma Legislature", which simply states that if a legislator requests that his bill get a hearing in the committee it has been assigned to, the chairman of that committee must hear the bill and allow a vote. It’s that simple. As it stands now, a committee chairman, under direction of the Speaker, can prevent a bill from ever being heard in committee, effectively exerting top-down control of the legislative process.

One man in attendance had changed his party affiliation to Republican after 50 years of being a registered independent leaning to the left. He did this just to support Ron Paul and is now also planning on attending the state convention with our delegation.

The Ron Paul supporters were by far the most vocal and informed people in the meeting, and I think that after years of having a pretty stagnant Republican party in our county we may actually now have some new life and liberty based ideas at the core of it!

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Southeast oklahoma precinct meeting

Went to my first meeting today here in oklahoma and it happened to be the delegate selection meeting, so few people were there from different precincts that they made a motion to select all the county and possible state delegates right then. Out of possible 22 positions only about 11 including myself signed up giving us all double votes at the next county convention. If you have not been to a meeting go and check it out and get yourself in a position to go to the convention or help send someone you know is a Paul supporter to the National convention. From what i could see almost no one wanted to commit to taking the time and effort to even go to the county convention, and i met 3 of our candidate for congress and got info on the others so I don't blindly vote for some clown when the time comes. Wake up and lets take the power back and give it to the people. Moral of the story is its just a room full of super old people saying prayers and repeating rhetoric its time for us to take this party over and build a future for our children and country.

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Excellent News in Oklahoma!

Outstanding work Patriots in Oklahoma!

Joe in MD


That you for sharing that information.

Also so many appreciate what your are doing! Thank you.

Good job!

When you get to the State Convention, make sure you and all the other Ron Paul supporters vote for Richard Engle for Republican National Committeeman.

He supports Ron Paul and is running to replace James Dunn. The position is very important as it makes him a superdelegate for 2016's Presidential election.

You can find more info about him here:




Yes I am planning on

Yes I am planning on supporting Mr. Engle.

great its happening all over the country!

another report:

Maybe you take some of those to your meetings?

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I needed to hear that good news today.

I was reading some other thread where someone was saying people weren't going because of going to a wedding, or deciding flat out they just wouldn't go. I started getting a sick feeling, but this gets my spirits back up.