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Iowa County Conventions Today ! Post your results.

Attended the Harrison County Iowa republican Convention.

I am now a delegate to go to the district and state convention and then hopefully on to national!

There were 14 delegates and 14 alternate delegates nominated today. The good news is that: Drum roll please.

At least 7 of the 14 are die hard Ron Paul supporters.

1 for Gingrich
3 for Romney
3 for Santorum.

Now, no one stated who they were for, but I know all of them and where they stand.

By the way Santorum "won" our county by a lot back at the caucus. His support is shallow at best.

You have to go to your county convention and become a delegate, it is RPs only chance.

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My county

I'm concerned about saying anything about my county on the DP because who is reading this? If I wanted to learn about Dr. Paul's influence in Iowa, for example, I could come here and learn how well each county did. Maybe i'm just a little paranoid. The campaign knows how we did in my county.
All I'd like to say is that keep working, don't lose hope! We can and are doing this. Keep the faith! BECOME A DELEGATE! Cannot emphasize that enough!

The rest of us need to know if this plan is working or not.

There are also lots of people down and out over not seeing any "wins" and this is a huge win.

Without high-profile primary/caucus wins, this is the only thing we have going for us and some people will need to know it is happening if they are going to stay on board.

We certainly don't need funding to dry up.

We should definitely trumpet our successes, not for their own sake, but to encourage others to hang in there, the plan is working, and you can make it happen in your state too!

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I understand...

I'm very hesitant to post on my state's Meet-Up Group exchanges - even when there's a good sign-up for RP events!!!

Paranoid? Only if there is truly NOTHING to fear...

Susie 4 Liberty

That's what I'm thinking, Sparky

We don't want to tip our hand quite yet. Suffice it to say we are looking very very solid. We just had our convention in one of the largest counties and we may easily end up with around half if just a few of the other candidates' delegates don't show up. All our alternates will plan on attending the day of district conventions to grab any vacated spots.


We are winning

Keep fighting!


Just got back from the _____ county convention where Ron Paul supporters had close to a majority if not a majority.


Thank you

for your hard work and sharing the information!

Great news

Now we need to refine our message and counter the Maddow line that this is somehow undemocratic. I think we should remind people that this process is a lot like the electoral college in that it rewards candidates who had broad based support geographically, most of the other candidates support is likely concentrated in particular pockets rather than being distributed throughout the state's precincts.

Good News

But i didnt quite understand what you ment are the numbers pledged delegates or unpledged? And you should let the campaign know that supporters are becoming delegates for romney, santorum, and gingrich, because they will think we have no delegates coming out of Iowa when in reality we have the most Lol.

That is not what I meant.

7 are for Ron Paul. The other 7 are split among Romney (3), Santorum (3) and Gingrich (1). 7+7=14.


I read it differently.

7 Ron Paul
3 Santorum
3 Romney
1 Gingrich

I don't think he was saying the 7 people are "for" the other candidates. Those are how the other 7 (not die-hard Ron Paul supporters) panned out amongst the other candidates.

And Iowa is officially all unpledged as far as I know. So even the non-Ron Paul delegates can be convinced to switch whom they support.

you really thing RP

you really thing RP supporters are going to switch their support?

Read what I posted again and then try to ask that question.

I said nothing of the sort.

I said NON-Ron Paul delegates might be convinced to switch since technically they are all still unpledged.

I don't expect a Ron Paul delegate to switch away from Paul at all.

Not sure how you came up with that idea from what I wrote.

sorry, i must have misread

sorry, i must have misread or it's been edited

No problem.

It certainly wasn't edited. Once you replied, the comment is forever fixed.

What you read is what I originally typed.


Great work!

Can't wait to hear other reports.

17% -> 50% -> 100%

Harrison county voted for Santorum in the caucus:

Santorum 32%
Romney 19%
Paul 17%
Gingrich 15%

Based on this report Paul won 50% of the county's state delegates.

Paul got 21.5% statewide so a similar pattern could lead to a majority at the state convention.

A majority can elect the delegates of their choice to National.

That could mean Paul wins 100% in Iowa.

Yep, that's how the math works folks!

This is how we win.

Great work!

I put my hat in the ring for Butler County Auditor today, so I had to work at getting people signed up for my race and couldn't concentrate on the delegates. I know I'll be moving on and I have a Ron Paul alternate with me. Can't wait to meet up with you guys at state.

Looking forward to more good reports and a bump for activism!

This is adding up! lots of these reports coming in!

You do a great job guys!

Maybe get some of these flyers to turn the ones not 100% sure about their candidate to ron paul?

These flyers are all free to print:
http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3 <- all versions that are available.
from: http://www.dailypaul.com/218640/ron-paul-promotional-flyer-f...


Why I think we need to use these flyers now to take over the race for nomination!

thank you for promoting the

thank you for promoting the flyers. especially to our potential delegates so they can sway the non paul delegates. I know you've gotten heat for always posting them, but I just wanted to let you know it's appreciated.

thanks ;)

I believe in them and into their big grassroots potential as they are free to print.. keep up your good work!
Getting more positive comments then negative but the negative are louder to hear ;)

Wont stop until everyone @DP is informed and until america is educated about the good Dr. and his message