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Iowa Delegate News Looking Good

Mixed news out of my county. We had our county GOP convention today. We were slated to take almost all the delegates. They changed the rules on us, so instead we took a proportional amount. (we fought, but to no avail)

However, apparently I'm a 'Santorum delegate' Trolololololol
Oh and some other RPers are 'Gingrich delegates' Trolololololol

So really we have the plurality of the delegates.

Keep it up, we can do this. The vote to make all delegates Paul delegates came down to just a handful of votes and we barely missed it... going to these things matters guys, let's keep it up.


p.s. In case anyone wonders about dishonesty, I never lied. I said being pro-life was very important and they made us Gingrich/Santorum delegates. I wasn't about to argue.

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I got elected to the

I got elected to the district/state convention for Wapello county, my wife is an alternate. I'm not sure how many others are RP supporters, but there were more than enough nominations than positions and they said that hasn't happened before. Interesting tho is that 14 out of 24 were pre-chosen by the central committee. I'm not sure how legitimate that is

probably not legit

The nominating committee is selected at the convention, and they finalize the delegate list.

So it would depend how the committee was selected.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

We Have a Lot of Constitutionalist Delegates From Our County Too

The strategy of the Ron Paul campaign is paying off mainly due to the shallowness of support "inspired" by the media. That's why the media hates the caucus states: It exposes the vast majority of voters as the TV zombies they are.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor...

...and Silence is golden ;).....dig it?
Yeah Baby!!! Do it!! Good Work!!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

We need to rally the troops

Spread the message let it be known we are putting the Republic back into the Republican Party!


I live in Polk County and I was not able to attend our convention in Ankeny this morning because of work.

However, do you know if I could participate in the District Convention April 21st? I don't know if I could participate as a delegate, since that opportunity has probably already passed, but I would like to be able to VOTE for RP delegates and/or RP supporters to the state convention and so on.

I did caucus for RP in January so wouldn't I be able to participate in the rest of the process?

Answers would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to this. Thanks

The fire rises.


At this point, at best you could sign up as an alternate (maybe) and if they contact you to become a delegate then you can go. Which actually happens often. So call your country gop committe chairman to see.


a great big thanx !!!!!!

good news came out today with respect to Clarke County NV caucus work and now some great news from Iowa

Its a big encouragement to hear this news

Thank you for you and all the pro Paul patriots in Iowa

Much Gratitude

In Georgia

I think at our county we got a few delegates and alternates.We would have had more but GOP dirty tricks reign in Gingrich country. I was given an alternate spot to the district convention...but then disqualified because the GOP FAILED to verify the districts properly. The new rules in Georgia say that the "approved district lines" effective 2013 will be used to determine delegates. I am a alternate in district 9....but will be disqualified because I will be living in district 7 in 2013.

We are doomed if this deception continues...After this election I will be focusing on making election fraud my fight.How can good people like Dr. Paul lead our country if the election process is fixed?


You just raised an issue...

that has me deeply concerned. I come from a county that is hot for Ron Paul. At our county convention a former county chairman (not a Ron Paul supporter) brought up this redistricting bugaboo, saying that because our lines will be changing, some delegates and alternates elected at the convention would not qualify to be delegates if they don't wind up living with in the new boundary lines.

I am wondering if this is going to be a way that the GOP will deny Ron Paul his delegates.

Minnesota Mary

the controls

check this out, I was doing some reseach into the vote machine and election process and I think this company is a huge part of the mystery of how they are getting away with this stuff. I would appreciate any added info about this.




We need to investigate esri deeply no doubt. This is the controller of many aspects of the political field and theres a section about comunication and the media with campaigns...Very Fishy!!

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

Feel free to report this to Faux News


The only way to beat fraud

is to become the GOP.

You act as if the goal is to

You act as if the goal is to be a Ron Paul delegate, IT IS NOT! The goal is to be a delegate, it doesn't matter for which candidate!!!!

That was the entire point of my post.

Iowa is nonbinding, so we just load it with as many RPers as possible.

Discussing this is bad

Discussing this is bad yuyu!!! Rachel Maddow was showing this website on her program, so they are keeping taps. Be careful.

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Let the media expose their fear of RP

The more Maddow and others discuss this, the better. It's not like the GOP handlers don't know all they need to know already. Let the media discuss their fear of Ron Paul, let them say Ron Paul supporters are hijacking the process - it will only have one effect: people will realize how big Ron Paul is and the actual supporters will be imbued with more spirit.

they (Maddow etc) really have no clue how this works

Just try not to use real names.

heh yep

my name isn't greg :)

A Super Big Thanks From N.

A Super Big Thanks From N. California.

Vote For Saint Paul 2012

sorry but i am downvoting this

As much as I am happy with what you are doing and have done, OP, we MUST KEEP THIS INFORMATION OFF THE PUBLIC FORUM. We don't need the GOP to challenge us and we don't want to cause problems in other states where caucuses (like MA.) have not yet been held yet and similar strategies are being done. So please keep this stuff on the DL.

Thank you kindly,

The RP Movement is Unstoppable - that is the message!

This information is already well known to the various GOP handlers. The more it goes into the public the better. If the media starts ranting about Paul supporters hijacking the process that would be great! It will expose the strength of the movement to the general public and boost supporter spirit.

The GOP cannot challenge us if we successfully rally the troops

If people believe Ron Paul can win they will be more likely to get involved and attend their caucuses and become delegates.

Iowa Delegates

Yep, we had our county convention today. We had a really good showing for Ron Paul. I think we are going to do great! Even though we are undercover, we had a Matrix list and we know most of the supporters in our area. Ron Paul has so much support, but you would never know by watching the TV...

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!



What kind of BS is this? "I said being pro-life was very important and they made us Gingrich/Santorum delegates. I wasn't about to argue."

You had to answer a screening question to determine if you were fit enough to be a delegate? That you might not be 'Santorum' enough, or 'Romney' enough?

That's sounds like utter BS to me. Challenge that nonsense. As a delegate, you're obligate to do only one thing, depending on the rules: vote for the beauty contest winner on the first ballot. Isn't that right? Beyond that...bupkus.

We can't

We can't let them know we are Ron Paul supporters! Greg is correct. If they know, they won't vote for us. If they don't vote for us, we don't move on. In this case it is better to go with the flow. We don't wear our Ron Paul clothes, we don't talk about the Fed, and we chant "anybody but Obama". It is just something we have to do if we want Ron Paul to win this thing. It may be difficult, but it is the winning strategy.

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


exactly:) I wore a Suit

exactly:) I wore a Suit Jacket and Khakis. But before we Voted we were still instructed to introduce our selves, which precinct/ward we were in and who we are endorsing...And we still ended up with 8 out of 16 Delegates in Clay County with everybody being Honest in that aspect.


Please beware that there are also trolls here and although encouraging as it may be, I don't think it's wise to let it be known that there are "undercover" Paul delegates believed to be for the opposition. Rather, let's not give them any "heads up", and instead, let's give them a sweet surprise at the end.

PS. And after the way we've been treated by the GOP, the MSM, and the obvious election fraud, I could give a rat's ass about dishonesty toward them. They more than deserve a taste of their own medicine. After all, this is a war on liberty and our future.

I love it...............

I have been thinking about a "what if we" strategy for some time and you guys and gals just made my day.Fantastic.