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How we can win! Become the GOP! Show up to your local Republican Party Meetings!

Let's all show up to the local republican party's meetings in our respective areas and overwhelm the establishment.

We can elect our people to key positions in the party, run candidates for local, state, and federal offices, and generally take over the GOP at every level to ensure honest transparent caucuses and conventions in every state.

Even if your state has a primary, we can change the rules and make it so the delegates are unbound to the results and selected via caucuses and/or conventions as we know we can't trust the voting machines and we need to be able to personally verify our precincts' results to ensure accurate honest tallies.

Just do it!

Who is with me? Comment below if you are on board.

P.S. In case you need some inspiration...watch this

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Hear here!


Can someone explain why this isn't on the Top Recent Topics

What is the algorithm that determines that? I though it was just the most upvoted recent topics...

hell yeah!

Occupy the GOP, baby!

Make it happen

We are the GOP.

Seriously with 50,000 members on DP we are a political party

Unto ourselves if we all commit to show up at local republican party events we will be the GOP.

Arizona Delegates

AZ County Conventions to elect delegates to the State Convention will be held April 7 - April 21.

AZ State Convention to elect delegates to the National Convention will be held May 12.

29 bound delegates at stake. Bound to Mitt Romney until after the first ballot has been cast, then free to vote for Ron Paul.

Remember if we win the convention decisively

We can change the rules to make our delegates unbound. These are low turnout affairs most people don't even know they are happening bring your friends and family and become the GOP.

Hmm I'm not sure about that

I read in the Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS 16-243) that they are bound until after the first vote. Can statutes be overruled so easily?

Interesting I suppose it is different in different states

I think in most states that the rules binding delegates to the primary are made by the state party, Arizona would seem to be an exception if you read that in the Arizona Revised Statutes than I stand corrected. It seems to me though that the state has no right telling the GOP which is a private party how they must bind their delegates to the national convention, I think that law ought to be changed.


The local gop candidates need delegate support to win their local nominations. This gives the RP voting blocs a lot of power.

Great point

Let's make sure we get some of our people to run for these positions so we can nominate them with our delegates.

We also won today at conventions across the country

There are reports on DP from Iowa, Minnesota, Georgia, and Nevada that we are electing delegates at county conventions.

I know. There is so much success.

I am ecstatic.

Going to these gop gigs is fun. Wish more Paulers would show up for us.

Spread the message

Rally the troops, preach to the choir, we have the numbers all we need to do is show up and we will be the GOP.

Hear you brother.

We're on the same high.

right on

I Done Pissed Off My County

About 8 months ago..I start talking Ron Paul. After 2 months they saw they couldnt change my mind and blocked me from the local FB page, and I was told dont show up at a meeting or I'd go to jail for disturbing the peace...In short, they dont like me.
Trust me when I say they put you in jail here for what ever reason they want..and they make it stick. We cant afford bail money

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

You forced their hand and exposed the corruption in your area

Use the rules against them if you can try to get on the ballot to become a PCO if possible you file with the Sec. of State directly. If you can get some of your friends and family to go to the party meetings you might outnumber them, these are tiny cliques that are easily overwhelmed you can take their petty positions away from them if you are persistent we can change the party. Also you could try contacting a local reporter about your story if you can, and maybe you should make a post about exactly what happened on DP, Ben Swann might interview you like he did Matt Mcdonald if it gets enough attention. Don't give up, keep fighting, awaken more minds to the message of constitutionally limited government and personal liberty. They can't stop us all if we are civil and firm in out convictions.

Become the GOP is right!

In my interactions with the party, I find that most are just tired people that are told what to do and do it! After the county panning meeting, ahead of our county assembly, I was asked my name, so they could vote for me as a delegate to state. I just asked so many questions about how the assembly would work, that people didn't think of. I also brought up the idea that nobody seemed to know the process, because of the lack of education. Many people gave very positive reactions to that discussion.
Let's get involved and bring about change in our counties, states and the country.


"The only thing we die with is our own personal integrity!" LRH
Vail, CO
Freedom and Liberty for Eagle County, Colorado. www.flecc.org

This is how the message of liberty prevails

This is how we restore the republic with the republican party.

county delegate meeting in Oklahoma

Went to my first meeting today here in oklahoma and it happened to be the delegate selection meeting, so few people were there from different precincts that they made a motion to select all the county and possible state delegates right then. Out of possible 22 positions only about 11 including myself signed up giving us all double votes at the next county convention. If you have not been to a meeting go and check it out and get yourself in a position to go to the convention or help send someone you know is a Paul supporter to the National convention. From what i could see almost no one wanted to commit to taking the time and effort to even go to the county convention, and i met 3 of our candidate for congress and got info on the others so I don't blindly vote for some clown when the time comes. Wake up and lets take the power back and give it to the people. Moral of the story is its just a room full of super old people saying prayers and repeating rhetoric its time for us to take this party over and build a future for our children and country.

Thank you

Let's make this our party we are the GOP we have the numbers what we need is turnout to every meeting and event and willingness to volunteer for party positions.

Get the message already!!!

When are the neo-cons going to realize they need to leave the GOP and either go over to the Democratic Party or form their own party. The GOP belongs to the R3volution.


This is our party now if they don't like it tough, they can eat crow.

I will acknowledge the fact...

That my opponents do not expect me to win, but I will never surrender, weakness will not be in my heart...Who am I? I am a champion!

Remember this isn't just about Ron Paul

It's about restoring the principle of limited government under the constitution, Ron Paul is one man who is willing to do that as President but he can't do it alone. We need to elected constitution supporting candidates to the House of Representatives, the Senate, state legislatures, governorships county councils, county commissioners, city councils, mayors, all the way down the line. Make no mistake this is a battle to restore the Republic.

I forgot to mention

If your state has a caucus and binds delegates to the straw poll results you can change the rules at the state convention and make them unbound. Nevada comes to mind...


I'll be looking into my local GOP ASAP, they are NOT going to like me...LOL.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."