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The REAL reason to invade Iran

It seems to me that the real reason that we are banging the Iran war drums is that the corporate powers want to expand their monopoly over oil. Now that TPTB control oil flow in Iraq and Afghanistan, one more piece to the puzzle is to gain access to the Iranian production.

US corporations are trying to get rid of their OPEC competitors, and once they've got Middle East oil wrapped up, we will start seeing $8-$9/gallon pricing here in the States because these folks will have control of most of the world's oil supply.

That's my theory anyway.

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I think the real reason the

I think the real reason the Keystone XL pipeline was shut down is because the Canadians would be able to pipe it to the sea and sell it on the global market, forcing Americans to pay European prices for fuel.

The real shame here is that of all these stimulus and bailout bills, nothing was spent developing real high speed rail networks, so the US will continue to be decades behind other developed nations.

Many reasons...oil is definitely one of them

but you also have:

-the US petro dollar versus Euro petro dollar...how better to solve that than take over their nations

-taking over the remaining nations' economies that dare to try to rule themselves

-watering down of Islam to make it conducive to a world order...like the powers that be have already done with judaism and christianity

-protect the israeli investment

-replace old soviet-friendly regimes with USA friendly regimes

-most of all, so something militarily while there is no other super power to stop us

US Petro-Dollar Hegemony

Evil Warlord is right. It's about US Petro-Dollar Hegemony.

It is about Iran not selling their oil in US Dollars. This is why we invaded Iraq (Sept. 2000 Saddam said "no more US Dollars for Iraqi oil", same month PNAC document came out). This is why 0bama went into Libya, to stop Gaddafi from starting a gold backed Libyan Dinar for the whole African continent to use to buy and sell oil - no more IMF loans sucking 3rd world countries dry. This is why we are going into Iran. You can't buy Iranian oil using US Dollars. Other than airplanes from Boeing and weapon systems from the military industrial complex, the Dollar is the only real product we export. What keeps it afloat is that it is the international reserve currency of the world, used for oil transactions. When the world stops using the Dollar, we are going down in flames.

Their real reason is to take over liquidity for the Banks...

And that is the real reason for every war. A currency/commodity war.

That is why we know well by now, these banks, the Federal Reserve system of fraud is all total treason.

There are many reasons...

#1 The U.S. and the British have had our eye on their oil since oil was first discovered there. It's why we overthrew their elected leader, Mossadeq, in 1953.

#2 Iran is wanting to take payment for their oil in currencies other than dollars.

#3 A company called Unocal is building a pipeline from the Caspian Sea and down through Afghanistan (one of the reasons we're THERE). The Iranians want to build one that services the same region.

#4 It's all a part of the PNAC plan for American control over Middle East oil.

Oh no!

I have it on good authority from a relatively new troll on the Daily Paul that it is actually about saving us from the dreaded "Sharia Law"!
The minute I hear "Sharia Law", I know that I've encountered an imbecile.

It's actually about dollar

It's actually about dollar hegemony and control of the world's oil supply, which I'm not entirely opposed to if it puts more money in my pocket.

I will, however, look people squarely in the eye and tell them convincing bald-faced lies about the "threat" of Islamic nuclear ambitions if need be to secure my own nefarious ends.

Afghanistan is about Opium,

Afghanistan is about Opium, not Oil.

We wen't to get Osama,but it

We wen't to get Osama,but it is now about car bateries...and largest Lithium deposits in the world.

I'm not entirely opposed to

I'm not entirely opposed to the idea if it means subverting Islam and consolidating the middle east into the greater whole.

God and country are two of the most horrible machinations ever to befall Man.

fireant's picture

"corporate powers"?

Not sure the meaning.
Simply due to the nature of the biz, corporations will have a "monopoly", so of course, those corporations have the incentive to expand.
If you are referring to government using public resources, including military, to secure oil producing countries for the corporations, then "corporate powers" would not be an adequate description.
I don't think it's as simple as that. Oil and the dollar are joined at the hip; known as the "petrodollar", the basis for reserve currency status. The U.S. Federal Government will fight to the end to maintain that reserve status, but will likely lose gradually from here out. It just won't go down without a fight.

Undo what Wilson did

40 bases surrounding Iran...

We took out Libya for Isreal to build bases in the Green Mountains (oh, which happens to be where Ghaddfi stored his GOLD) and we'll take out Iran for Israel's expansion as well. It's about more than just oil, my friend....It's about wiping out and revising our collective history AGAIN.

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

That last sentence

made me shudder. Raw truth.

It's way more complex than your theory, and the reason

it is taking so much time to take place. There are many factions involved in order to make their whole process work. Everybody wants a piece of the pie, which slows the process. I can tell you this, if it were not for the Paul inspired Revolution, the alternative media, the truthers, ect, it would all be history, and we wouldn't be debating about it at the present. We have put a major kink in their desires for the PTB's desire for a Totalitarian World Governance. If they ever figure out a way to control the internet, it would mean Game Over for us, and the end of all freedoms.

Something like that,

And don't forget about the strait of hormus. 1/3 of the worlds oil passes through that very port which is home to Iran.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

I am surprised they don't

I am surprised they don't simply build a pipeline across Syria and/or Jordan out to Israel and ship the oil out the Mediterranean instead of messing with the Straits of Hormuz.

The current system doesn't seem like a cost effective logistical solution.