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Ron Paul Supporters DOMINATE Rhode Island GOP Meeting

Today National GOP Chairwoman Sharon Day (Google: "Sharon Day GOP co-chair EveryOneCounts voting software") appeared at the RI GOP "rally" - which was more like a lecture - which was staged to show off the current state of the RI GOP to the National level dignitary, Sharon Day.

I am happy to report that EASILY ONE THIRD OF THE ROOM was representing Ron Paul wearing Pins and or had brought signs.

Ms Day's address to the crowd was particularly interesting because you could tell she was trying to re-iterate talking points from the failed campaign of the last GOP candidate who ran for Congress from RI (ie she talked a lot about the fishing industry...OK hum.....most of RI voters are not fishermen)

It was also interesting to hear her say, "We have to band together - no matter who emerges the candidate - and fully support our GOP candidate. We are here to take RI back for our families for our kids." She also gave advice while pointing to the Youth For Ron Paul contingency that had shown up, "Here is my advice: the day after the primary - take 24 hours and let yourself feel the disappointment then the next day jump right in there and give your all to defeat Obama in the next election!"

All the old timers clapped. NOT ONE RON PAUL PERSON DID.

I sat right in the front row with my I SUPPORT RON PAUL sticker on my laptop case propped up conspicuously.

I spoke with everyone I could. I met the Providence Journal reporter and gave him my information regarding Sharon Day and the election software she is pushing. I also gave him my direct emails on the topic with New American reporter Kurt Hyde and an IT Security expert. (lord knows if he will run with that story - you should check it out for yourself.)


I imagine that she will be going to CT. Or has she already been there?

Never the less - IT WAS REALLY AWESOME. The elderly people really like the presence of the "youth" -which was maybe a quarter or third of the entire RP attendance - and everyone else had something to think about. TAKE THAT RI GOP!!!!

UPDATE: IF YOU ARE FROM CALIFORNIA IT APPEARS THAT THE GOP WANTS TO USE "EVERY ONE COUNTS" SOFTWARE. please - at the very least research this and put up a stink! http://burlingame.patch.com/articles/republican-party-strive...

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The Snookie I Was Referring To Could Rip Your Head Off !

He was the Rhode Island state heavy weight wrestling champion, in his youth.
Most people now call him Mike, but old friends still know him as Snookie.


deja vu

I remember this from before one time on here. Lol.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

specifically who is Snookie?

is he a GOP guy? I have no idea who you are talking about. But if you think I should pursue him. I will.

Mike T. Former Mayor of Cranston.

I'm pretty sure he's GOP, ask your Auntie N.


Oh he was not there the current Mayor of Cranston was

Mayor Fung. He had raced in a little late wearing his green tie for the St. Patrick's Day parade he had just been marching in on behalf of the GOP.

The "Old Guard" of....

the GOP is absolutely pathetic.

Thank you for your hard work

and taking the time to share the information!

Get the message already!!!

When are the neo-cons going to realize they need to leave the GOP and either go over to the Democratic Party or form their own party? The GOP belongs to the R3volution.

They will leave once it

They will leave once it becomes too painful for them to stay, not a second until then!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I like your thought, but ...

I'm afraid the Neocon's rule the GOP and are the vast majority in the party. How else could the Neocon of Neocon's, Rick (I really belong in a Sanitarium) Santorum win such a huge margin in Kansas? But the Repub party will have to change if it is to survive as a viable political party. The Repub party BETTER learn to incorporate and enfranchise the Tea Partiers and the Libertarian Ron Paul supporters or it is as dead as the Neocons bankrupt policies.

Ron Paul 2012 for the Republic!


That's awesome.

Here is my advise to the GOP - "the day after the primary - take 24 hours and let yourself enjoy the victory, then the next day jump right in there and eat that shit sandwich you made for yourself because you can't defeat Obama in the next election without us and we won't be eating your shit!"

While I did vote your comment

While I did vote your comment up, I do find it flawed; because you implied that they(GOP) would win the primary. While I have been seen on here saying similar things because I think the GOP/RNC will at least try to cheat Dr. Paul out of the nomination; the point being, thous, is that if they do cheat Dr. Paul out of the nomination they killed the GOP/RNC. I'm not sure they would be willing to concede one of their forces of power forever, just to prevent Dr. Paul being nominated; because they know they can load congress with so many NWO people that nothing Dr. Paul wants to accomplish will get done with the exception of the Military, which they would most certainly try to block that as well; and when one of their NWO gets back into the Presidency they will just re-instate all of the bases all over again.

BMWJIM's picture

The only thing I can object to with your logic is

Ron Paul can by his signature/voice use NDAA, Patriot Act and send ALL those MF's to Gitmo. LoL! Why do you think they will not let him win if they can. They are scared for the TREASON they committed. Wouldn't it be interesting if the good doctor told them in the media that is what he had in his mind.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


and I do agree with you and I did think about that when I was writing it. When I am talking to people like that I often times just go with their faulty assumptions because they have so many it's tough to even talk to them without letting a few things go.

And that is what really erked me about the statement is the arrogance they display with the Paul can't win mantra. Who would say "I don't respect you, we are going to beat the crap out of you... oh and after that we'd like your support" I mean WTF? Arrogance and Ignorance are a annoying combination.

I disagree that they wouldn't cheat paul out of the nomination though. They are cheating and destroying their party now, why should we expect them to stop?

well in his defense our SUPER DELEGATES are already Romney's

But I do agree with you on the position of expecting defeat and all...

Ron Paul really does have a good shot at getting at least SOME delegates here.

if I could give you two thumbs up I would!!


these reports are coming in from all over the country..

..I say we are in it to win it!
Its now on us to get the critical mass!

A) in our neighbourhoods and

b) at the GOP delegate and convention level.

check these flyers who are free to print:
http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3 <- all versions that are available.

- Including flyers designed towards 50+ generation.(!!!!!)

from: http://www.dailypaul.com/218640/ron-paul-promotional-flyer-f...

All the way to Tampa Baby,

All the way to Tampa Baby, baby!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


We have been winning! Get the word out! Don't trust the media!

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
Quick Humorous Satire course on Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_65316&...